126 – On Vacation …

If things work as planned, I will be posting again on June 1, 2015

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125 – Pioneers …

Our minds do not yet have the scope to grasp the cause of origin, the totality, the meaning of the primordial Process generating the evolution of what we call our Universe. And as much as we try to deny our physical interconnection with this Process under a paradigm reeking of Division, there is no questioning the Fact that each one of us is one of its parts/elements/creations, nor the Fact that it is amazingly fortunate that you and I have emerged into existence at a level of complexity where we are increasingly aware … as no other creature we know of … of how beautiful and creative this Process can be, not only in the world we depend upon yet relatively affect, but also in the world beyond the earth, beyond our solar system, beyond our imagination.

But for those of us still dominated by the fallacy that we are ‘detached’ from Nature, the Fact that we are created by and dependent upon this primordial Process may seem outlandish or just plainly impossible to conceptualize, even though this Process is physically tangible in us, in our continuous consumption and dissipation of energy sources … foods, oxygen, waste … so our bodies are re-generated and stay alive, or in our primal urge to seek pleasure so this Process continues to evolve.

And so, as we hopefully grow wiser and move away from the fallacies of our current paradigm, and as we become more conscious and knowledgeable about our intimate interconnection with this Process, it is inevitable for our descendants to come to the realization that, although we may not be the only intelligent beings in Nature, we definitely are … like particles in the development of infant brain-cells … pioneering the astonishing development of consciousness in the evolutionary Process we call our Universe.

Imagine how different our world can be if children … all the children in the world … were taught as soon as they begin to show signs of Understanding, that we are Pioneers!

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124 – History is Full of their Ruins …

Any system of governance that steals from its working class, its poor and its disadvantaged with the sole purpose of its own empowerment; that without any sense of Vision for the Future completely disregards the ravages of its blind greed, is an Aberration that … like a cancer … ultimately ends in self-destruction.

History is full of their ruins.

Why is it then that our dominant systems of governance continue to be intent on making the same mistakes over and over and over, thus perpetuating this aberration as if there were no intelligent, progressive and sustainable alternatives; like governance based on knowledge, tolerance, respect, love?

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123 – Hatred …

Many Human actions, emotions, perceptions, decisions, are driven by Hatred.

How can this have come to be if, unlike Love which is innate, Hatred is learned?

Does it mean that when Hatred is such a dominant factor in our cultures … war, genocide, child abuse, scapegoating, torture … we are deliberately teaching it, inciting it in our children, our cultures, our communities, our nations, our beliefs? It is a dismal thought, but there is no other explanation.

We are teaching, inciting Hatred.

As highly intelligent as we claim to be, and having the knowledge that no creature we know of comes into Life knowing how to hate, why do we seem incapable of comprehending the horrific Fact that we are the only species teaching our young to hate our kind?

This is not what we were supposed to become, we, who were just beginning to be aware of the beauty and the power of our innate capacity to Love.

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122 – On the Universal Mind …

We have come to a point in our evolution where we are born into Life with a highly advanced neuronal connectivity that, to a degree, makes us capable of conceptualizing our Universe: How it works, how it has progressed through eons of time … with immense creativity … into a complex, organized and constantly changing system.

The Human animal is very inquisitive. Already in early civilizations we were coming up with primitive concepts to explain our perception of a higher Order … the daily reappearance of the sun, the faces of the moon, the cycles of life and death, the returning constellations, the changing seasons … but unfortunately, in trying to fathom that Order, the crippling dogmatism of organized religions came into power to curb our inquisitiveness, castigating and eliminating those who defied them. And even so, in the midst of the horrors of indoctrination and greed for power and control that continue to dominate us to this day, there always shone the light of individuals who possessed not only the farsightedness of the universal mind … Socrates, Galileo … but also the courage to break free from the claws of dogma; a universal mind that realizes how intimate is our connection with the living Being we call our Universe, and how, amid the creation and annihilation of environmental forces, brings together all existing things under a common process that urges us to grow and thrive and bond and self-generate and survive.

And so, dominated by indoctrination and greed, instead of developing our ability to conceptualize our connection with the Universe that gives us Life, it is curbed. No curriculum, especially in Western educational systems, offers a methodical exploration of this, our magnificent ability. But we do posses it, and although dormant and subjugated we can liberate it on our own by beginning to look at things we innately do which reflect our Universe’s: Like generating our own components, self-organizing our own growth, adapting with immense creativity and a relative degree of choice to changing environments.

Long ago the universal mind of a philosopher* understood that “everything is involved in some kind of process which is common to all existing things”, and so he came to the realization that, by understanding the process in ourselves, we can begin to understand the Universe that originates it. Know Thyself.

As we imprint every cell in our bodies … DNA … with the urge to grow, thrive, bond, self-generate and survive, so our Universe imprints us … each and all of us … with the urge to grow, thrive, bond, self-generate and survive. As we are born with the innate ability to learn languages, so we are born with a universal mind that is innately capable of conceptualizing our intimate connection with our Universe.

A universal mind and being alive are our most beautiful possessions. Knowing this will change future generations as we, as an evolving species, delve into our destiny.

* The Philosophy of Aristotle. Monarch Notes

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121 – On the Phenomena of Mind …

There are two great misconceptions in our understanding of the Mind; these errors not only have a destructive impact on our behavior but, most importantly, obscure for us the true nature of the phenomena.

Under these misconceptions we currently believe

1 – that the Mind is separate from the Body and

2 – that the Mind is exclusively a human phenomenon.

A relative degree of self-control … on how we give direction to our bodies and shape our future … gives us an illusion of Separation from the world around us, from other people, from the environment. And a relative capacity to self-reflect … to be able to reflect upon our own actions … gives us an illusion of Specialness; the illusion that we are superior to the rest of Nature. But having a relative degree of self-control and a relative capacity to self-reflect are not limited to us. The delusion that they are is dangerous because it debases Nature and excuses our irrational devastation of the same environment that has allowed the evolution of our self-reflective minds.

I don’t claim to understand what Mind is … as someone wisely said: a Mind cannot understand itself … but there are self-evident and undeniable facts about the phenomenon that can be grasped with our capacity to introspect.

The Mind is impenetrable and unique to each entity; it is the result of the accumulation of evolutionary traits we bring into existence as members of a particular species; those traits begin to be developed … positively or negatively, intuitively or self-determinedly, creatively or destructively … according to the distinct experiences we learn from the moment we are conceived and start affecting and being affected by environments. Whether it be a cell, a human being, a planet, a Universe, these two factors, evolutionary traits and distinct experiences, are the source of Mind in Nature. A Mind cannot exist without them, and nothing in Nature can exist without a Mind.

But our delusion that the phenomenon of Mind is purely ours makes us deny it to the rest of Nature.

And thus, for instance, we deny the Ovum a Mind, when we know it chooses a single Sperm … an evolutionary trait, yes … but once impregnated it begins one of the most amazing, intelligent, organized and self-determined efforts to create, duplication by duplication, a greater and more complex Mind.

And thus we deny the earth a Mind, when we know it has created a favorable environment … an evolutionary trait, yes … but it has sustained it, persistently, in relative equilibrium through eons of time so myriad varieties of Life can come into existence with a chance to evolve into complexity and high intelligence, thus paving the way for the Mind to grow aware of itself.

And thus we deny our Universe a Mind, when it is obvious that it couldn’t have evolved, nor continue to evolve into increasing levels of Organization and Order, without the degree of self-control and the capacity to self-reflect of a creative, self-generating and self-determined Mind.

Although all of the above are self-evident if not proven Facts, we will not come down from our arrogant pulpit of Separation and Specialness until we accept the Truth that Mind … in myriad degrees of intuition and self-determination … is innate, not just in us, but in all of Nature.

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120 – The Reflection of Ourselves we don’t want to see …

Is ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) shoving a mirror in our faces so we can see how horrible we have become?

It is incredibly painful to watch the human animal … capable of so much beauty, claiming to be “highly evolved”, “highly intelligent” … destroying itself and its world under the self-imposed horrors of constant conflict, war, division, destruction, hate, deceit, rape, torture, fear and, the worst of all: No worth for human life.

It is incredibly painful because we do know the Key to a better world … problem is, the Key is locked in the coffers of those few who greedily control Knowledge.

The Key is simple … very, very simple: Greater and greater Equality, so more and more of us have access to the Knowledge that … as wise men and women of all cultures have been telling us throughout the ages … we are one of the most beautiful, most amazing, most ingenious creations of Nature, capable as no other creation we know of, of learning from the Past, and assessing possibilities, and deciding what to do with our Future.

Is ISIS shoving a mirror in our faces so we wake up from our conformity, and perhaps come to see the horrible reflection of ourselves those controlling the Key to Knowledge and Equality are creating for us?

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119 –The Profound Meaning of the Greatest Insight …

Since postulated in 1906, we have been mesmerized … and rightly so … by the mathematical prowess of Einstein’s E=mc2. With E=mc2 Einstein quantified the universal equilibrium between energy and mass, opening the doors to technological advances and a greater understanding of the physical world. But the profound meaning of this greatest of insights has been outshined.

“The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content”. * These were Einstein’s own words on explaining E=mc2. If we could look at the equation from the point of view, not of the contents, but of the body, the physical system that, amidst development and change, measures the content of its mass so it is always in relative equilibrium with its energy content, we then would realize that we are looking at the primordial act of Self-reflection in Nature.

The capacity to self-reflect, although mostly instinctive, is tangible to us: As the mass of our bodies (the combination of bones, muscles, blood, neurons, nerve connections) increases or decreases as we develop and change, the energy required to keep us in action and motion increases or decreases in relative measure (more mass = more energy, less energy = less mass). We do this mostly without thinking. Our bodies know instinctively how to do this balancing act on their own. The big difference with us is that we can not only affect this ongoing balancing act within us, but that we can also affect it in the natural world in which we exist.

I have always wondered if Einstein knew the profound meaning of his insight. With Relativity he discovered the key to a universal law that not only unifies everything, but that also encourages the onward movement towards complexity and order so evident in Nature. But I don’t think he fully realized the immensity of what he had discovered.

The innate capacity of a body … any physical system … to self-reflect upon its own contents and keep them in relative equilibrium    is the key to Existence. Although outshined by its mathematical prowess, this is the profound meaning of one of the greatest insights of the human mind.

*Highlights mine

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118 – Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? III

This is an update on my attempt to answer what I believe to be the most challenging questions posed to the human mind: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? These questions were immortalized by Paul Gauguin on one of his most beautiful and enigmatic paintings (The painting can be seen in the Pictures page. See posts 78 and 95 for previous attempts.).

Where do we come from?

We emerge out of a primordial and transforming Source; a self-organizing, self-reflective phenomenon whose onward movement we call Evolution. But Evolution is just the self-generating process with which … amid trial and error, formation and dissolution … the primordial Source unfolds into higher and higher orders of complexity and order. And because the progression of the Source is relatively measurable, its ingenuity evident, its self-determination palpable, some of us call it God, but we tend to call God what we cannot understand; some of us call it Nature, but Nature is just its creative manifestation into myriad components; some of us call it the Big Bang, but that was merely the birth of one of many universes.

And even though the Source is thriving inside of us and around us … in the pulse of primal blood in our veins, in our inborn urge to bond and reproduce, in the compelling instinct to adapt, in the boundless creativity of Life, in the selective self-organization of galaxies into spiral and globular shapes, in the constant birth of solar and atomic systems out of recycled forms of energy and mass, in the self-reflecting contemplation of self-reflection … we are not developed enough to comprehend it – yet.

What are we?

We are manifestations of the Source (infinitesimally small from the dimension of the stars and immensely immense from the dimension of the atoms), mandated to obey from the moment of origin its universal blueprint … self-generate, self-organize, bond, adapt, reproduce … so its onward movement is renewed and perpetuated; and yet it infuses us with a certain degree of freedom … mostly instinctive but highly self-determined … to choose, to act, to transform, to see beyond immediacy. Therefore we are sources of Transformation.

Where are we going?

Driven mostly by primal instincts and limited by internal and external environments, we forge ahead, pregnant with possibilities, transforming ourselves and our world until we no longer can, to begin the inexorable process of dissolution back into the ancient Source from which we initially emerged. But this process is not an End but the Transformation in which, in equal measure to

what we have done,

what we have imagined,

what we have created,

what we have destroyed,

what we have taken,

what we have given,

how we have changed ourselves and our world … the significance of our Legacy … will, or will not transcend into higher levels of complexity, into the beginning of a new chapter in other realms of the self-organizing, the self-transforming and … since its onward movement towards complexity is evident … the self-imagining Source.

Think of the Socratic Method – still stimulating critical thinking and illuminating ideas; think of Mandela’s courage – still inspiring a pacifist rebellion against the tyranny of unaccountable power; think of Einstein’s E=mc2 – still challenging our understanding of reality. The deeds of Socrates and Mandela and Einstein live on. The measure of their contribution to Humanity transcended their lives and is with us, encouraging us, challenging us, transforming us.

How far into the future our Legacy will live depends on how significant what we do with our life is.

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117 – Can we look not at what Separates us but at what Unites us …

Early in my life I was introduced to the concept that “Everything resembles everything”. The search for the Origin of this concept led me to Anaxagoras, the Greek Philosopher who said that in Nature “Everything is in everything”; the search for its Meaning led me to study the theories of some great thinkers. As I began to understand the Philosophical Thought behind the mathematical and insightful prowess of their theories, I came to the realization that, as a human animal, we are constituent parts of Nature; forms of Life insignificant from the perspective of all of Nature, yet significant from the perspective of the world of the atoms and molecules and cells from which we are made. And so, by trying to understand the world within us, I began to understand its interconnection with the world from which we come to be what we are.

Spiritual leaders and great philosophers have told us in many ways throughout the ages that we are One with the Universe, and although this Truth sounds wonderful, it is alien, detached, inscrutable to us. The main reason for this detachment is that between the reaffirmation of Science … with its increasing capacity to explore the farthest reaches of space and the minute world of the atomic particles … that we are apart from those worlds, and the affirmation of Organized Religions … with their dividing dogmatism that their god is the “true” god … are making it impossible for us to perceive our Oneness, our intimate unity with Nature.

It is thus amazing to realize that Religion, with a fundamental credo that man is created in the image of the Creator, and Science, with enough proven theories which confirm our intimate connection with Nature, have obscured instead of elucidating the connection.

Through proven scientific theories (in brackets below) and the lessons of ancient philosophies, our connection with atoms and galaxies … and with all of Nature … is apparent.

See it for yourself.

As atoms and galaxies … and everything in Nature … * We are congregations of elements unfolding as a unified whole [Bell’s Theorem]. * We are, at the most fundamental level, forms of energy and mass in relative states of equilibrium, and once equilibrium cannot be sustained we cease to exist in our current form [Relativity]. * We are syntheses of complementary properties manifested as particle-like in our individuality and wave-like in our participation in the evolutionary process of a species and universal-like in the sharing of common characteristics; we are not one property at a time, we are all of them at the same time [Complementarity]. * We are embodiments of the pre-disposition of all things in Nature to adapt … with a degree of choice … to changing and challenging environments [Evolution]. * We are transient manifestations of existence developing in relative autonomy, yet we are completely dependent upon our ability to sustain a more or less continuous equilibrium between integration and dissipation of energy sources [Dissipative Structures]. * We are self-bounded, self-generating and self-perpetuating systems infused with the innate capacity to make and regulate our own elements, while preserving a relatively pre-determined structural organization [Autopoiesis]. * We are relatively self-governed systems yet pre-programmed to reiterate the primal mandate to Self-regenerate and Bond amid uncertainty and infinite probabilities; thus ensuring the continuity of a creative evolutionary movement towards Complexity and Order (Mandelbrot Set). * We are instruments for change, ultimately determined by our internal and external environments, yet possessing the extraordinary capacity to manipulate and be manipulated by those environments [Quantum Field Theory]. * We are catalysts for transformation. As the world can change us, we can change the world.

These are some of the fundamental characteristics of the primal mandate steering the natural Process Darwin called Evolution; they are the blueprint that, inciting creativity and a constant movement towards Complexity and Order, has allowed, amid trial and error, the evolution of a being so beautiful as to be able to self-reflect upon the meaning and the power of its own capacity to self-reflect.

Science and Religion are the two most powerful sources influencing our understanding of ourselves and of the world from where we come into existence; shouldn’t we demand of them to focus not on what separates us, but on what unites us?

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