114 – On Vacation …

I am on an extended vacation, but I will try to post again on December 1st.

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113 – Metamorphosis …

The word Metamorphosis derives from the Greek (meta) “change” and (morph) “form” or more simply, to Transform.

The most common example of metamorphosis in Nature is the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly, but we do not usually think of metamorphosis as part of our own development. And yet, after the moment of conception, upon the fusion of a male sperm and a female ovum, the human body begins a passage through the most amazing series of metamorphoses in its labor to adapt to environments.

Ovum and sperm morph into a cell imparted with the primal knowledge to not only replicate itself, but also to create hundreds of diverse cells that, replicating themselves billions of times, re-create a brand new yet typical human being. Without question, this kind of metamorphosis takes a lot of intelligence, ingenuity and, especially, self-reflection. Think about it: Although the whole process is done mostly by instinct, cells could not remember exactly how, when and where to build and replicate themselves in concert with the ongoing transformation of the whole organism without a degree … instinctive as it might be … of self-reflection.

This instinctive self-reflection is the primordial learning force of Evolution that brings together trillions of cells into building, progressively, more sophisticated systems … skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous … to support the morphing of the embryo into the fetus, and the fetus into an oxygen-breathing being, and ultimately the newly born into a fully developed human being progressively more conscious of the capacity to self-reflect. This is one of the greatest metamorphoses in Nature: From purely instinctive self-reflection into conscious self-reflection.

Embedded within the relative stability for over eight hundred thousand years of the composition of the earth’s atmosphere, the human being has slowly been able to morph into the most consciously self-reflective creature we know of in Nature. But under a Paradigm dominated by conflict, hate and greed that benefits a few, we are … fully consciously … rapidly altering the composition of the atmosphere with high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide and methane to levels never experienced in all of our history; thus changing dramatically the environment that has slowly and steadily nurtured our evolution.

Will we, including those accelerating the change with their devastating greed, be able to morph … hastily, intelligently and successfully … into the altered human being that the rapidly changing environment will demand? We can only hope.

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112 – Will we be able to find the Beauty in us?

How can Humanity be such opposing extremes?

On one side we are a most beautiful, intelligent, adaptable and highly self-reflective species; on the other side we are the cruelest, stupidest, most dogmatic and … with a brain highly capable of rational thinking … the most irrational creature in Nature.

In a time when the survival of our civilization is in question, what side of us will prevail, if at all? Will we be able to find the Beauty in us, or will we let our stupidity destroy it before we even find it?

We belong to a Natural Order that is as old … probably even older … than our Universe. All things in Nature unfold, including us, by making self-determined choices, or forced by internal and external environmental demands, or by a combination of both. We walk a path that meanders through the continuum we call Existence making choices with a degree of freedom, as we are pushed and pulled by our environments through a spectrum of opposites. At one end of the spectrum we find our instinctive drives – at the opposite end our self-determined choices. At one end we find our destructive actions – at the opposite end our creativity and ingenuity. At one end our capacity for cruelty – at the opposite end our tenderness and love. At one end our fear – at the other end our courage. At one end our irrational aggression – at the other end our nurturing rationality. At one end our unconscious meandering – at the other end our conscious and self-reflective capacity to choose. The closer we move towards one of the extremes, the more estranged we become from the other.

Under a Paradigm based on Aggression and Consumerism, we are currently dominated by irrational and destructive choices. And we will not change unless we realize that, as elements of a Natural Order that endows us with a relative degree of freedom to choose, we can take charge of our destiny.

We posses a degree of freedom to make conscious choices to decide on which side of the spectrum we want our lives to be, but most of the time our choices are dominated by unconscious instincts that are influenced, not only by our development, but also by the choices of others.

As far as we know, we are the most beautiful creature in Nature … intelligent, adaptable, ingenious, visionary, highly self-reflective … but instead of choosing a course towards the beautiful and nurturing side of our spectrum, we are letting the immoderate greed of a few to choose for us an irrational and destructive course that is putting civilization, as we know it, in peril.

We will find the Beauty in us when every human being knows that, although we must unfold within the boundaries of a natural Order that allows a degree of freedom to choose, nobody … nobody … has the right to tell us how to choose our freedom or take away our right to choose.

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111 – What has Become of Our Capacity to Reason?

It has not been my intent to write about current events. My focus has been, and will continue to be, a Vision of an attainable world void of the dogmatism that leads us into division and hate and destruction, a Vision of a world open to our understanding of the natural processes from which we emerge into Life. But in lieu of the irrationality of current events, it is impossible to remain silent.

In the midst of an unprecedented environmental crisis, and without immediate threat to its sovereignty, the United States … with the subdued assent of its citizens … is on its march to war, again.

The ‘stated’ reason for this war is to destroy a brutal people who call themselves the Islamic State (or IS or ISIL or ISIS), a people engendered, mind you, by humiliation and hate for the gruesome devastation of their homeland.

But the ‘real’ reason for the United States to go to war is not to destroy ISIS, but to destroy its own weaponry (which was provided initially to rebel factions and is now in the hands of ISIS), and with full knowledge that the countries in the region are abundantly armed to handle the threat, to provide fresh new weaponry to ‘moderate’ rebel factions, thus gorging the ravenous apparatus of the greediest and most destructive corporation on earth.

We have done many irrational things in our evolution … it is supposed to be the way we learn … but instead of growing wiser, we are growing more and more irrational.

Nature has nurtured us for thousands of years, endowing us with the capacity, the resources, the intelligence, the ingenuity to advance the course of our development by imparting Education … free of dogma and the influence of money interests … to every human being on earth; to focus on expanding, not restricting, the reach of the human mind; and instead of inciting conflict, to resolve it with tolerance and understanding of its roots.

It is therefore terribly sad to see that in the face of the greatest environmental crisis Humanity has ever faced, the current leading power on earth … the people that showed us all a most beautiful experiment in Freedom … willingly walking, for all the wrong reasons, into the most irrational course imaginable.

What has become of our capacity to Reason?

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110 – The Primordial Force of Life in Us …

(I am trying a new format with this post … not a shot at poetry … hoping to accentuate the concluding thought with the cascading sentences).


When we feel the beat of our heart

or the warmth of our skin

or the pulse of blood running through our veins

or the instinctive need to take a breath

or the onslaught of desire

or the survival urge to constantly re-invent ourselves from within,

we are feeling the Primordial Force of Life in us.


The Primordial Force of Life is not just in us, it is

… in many forms and in many orders …

in everything alive.

But because it manifests temporarily in us,

and because we are beginning to comprehend

how it gives us Life

and how it ties us to the cycles of Nature

and how it gives us a degree of freedom to choose,

we have come to know

that we have the power

… some more than others …

to direct the Force of Life in us

and make an impact,

not only in our lives,

but in the Life of the world that gives us Life.


The Primordial Force of Life in us,

with our advancing awareness of the degree of freedom it bestows upon us,

is our most magnificent possession, and yet

we allow others to impose on us

their vision of our lives.




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109 – Self-reflection (Part III) …

How incredible it is for a mind to be aware of its own capacity to self-reflect.

Whichever way our Universe had its beginning, it was born with an absolute, non-negotiable rule: If anything coming into being within its realm was to exist as an ongoing and evolving Process, no matter how complex its development or the diversity of its components or the distribution of its contents, it will have to find a way to keep its fundamental complements … Mass (as condensed energy) and Energy (as liberated mass) … through ups and downs, creation and transformation, growth and repose, in relative equivalence.

This is the universal rule Einstein encapsulated in E=mc2: “The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content”, and vice versa, I add. But the true significance of the equation is not the quantity of energy and mass contents in a body; it is the fact that they have to be in relative equilibrium … one content always equivalent to the other … as the body develops and evolves. And a continuous equilibrium between two contents cannot be achieved without a degree of self-reflection.

Although the equilibrium between the contents can be thrown off by internal and external events, it must be restored if the body is to remain functional. Once this self-reflective process is no longer feasible, the body disintegrates back into the environment.

And thus, for instance, for a body like ours to remain functional while we develop and evolve, our total mass content (bone, muscle, tissue) must remain in relative equilibrium with our total energy content (action, motion, force). This is primordial self-reflection. Our bodies do it instinctively … mostly without our awareness … which is why we get hungry and sleepy when it is time to replenish the energy exerted during activity, and this is why we feel unwell when our body cannot bring us back into equilibrium.

And so it is for solar systems or atoms or cells: In order to remain functional as they develop and evolve, their total mass content (sun, planets, moons, asteroids – nucleus, electrons – protoplasm, membrane) must remain in relative equilibrium with their total energy content (the push and pull of gravitation, kinetic energy, the forces needed to keep the units together). Once this primordial self-reflection cannot be sustained, they disintegrate back into their environments.

Self-reflection is inherent at different levels and degrees in everything in Nature. And we are no exemption to the rule. The big, big difference with us is that … as far as we know, and due to a relatively steady and beneficial environment … we are developing one of the greatest gifts Nature can bestow on its creations: Conscious self-reflection.

But look at us, we are wasting this greatest gift away on wars and greed and deceit and hate, instead of self-reflecting on the grave consequences we are bringing upon us with the imbalance between the unsustainable consumption of our exponential growth and the limited resources of the environment in which our lives depend.

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108 – If Scientific Ideology would give Wholeness a Chance …

Our current scientific ideology has turned dogmatic … like a religion … afraid of facing inquiry on its restricting scope, and lashing out, hard, at those who dare disagree with its intransigence.

Our scientific ideology is dogmatic because it limits our understanding of Nature by focusing only on Reduction and Isolation (building gigantic apparatus to isolate atomic particles believing that this is the way to understand our Universe, or thinking that the processes of Life can be reduced by isolating genes), while completely excluding Wholeness, afraid to face its unavoidable implication of an intimate, interdependent relationship between the Whole and its parts.

There is no denying the advances(?) made under our current scientific ideology … the DNA molecule has been decoded and genes are manipulated and exploited; more intrusive devices are invented to reach depleting and harder to extract resources; ever more destructive weapons are created with the power to wipe out Humanity many times over … but this ideology does not advance Knowledge of what we are; Knowledge of how a congregation of interdependent cells can incite the feeling of wonder; Knowledge of how every cell engendered by our bodies knows the color of our skin and the type of our blood; Knowledge of how we endow specialized cells with the information to re-create a whole new being; Knowledge of how, amid the constant birth and death of cells in our bodies, we remain fundamentally the same Self; Knowledge of how the Primordial Force of Nature, with its knack for Complexity and Order, has come to create the self-reflective mind.

It has taken us eons of evolutionary time to develop … as far as we know … the highest level of self-awareness in Nature. But dominated by an ideology that inhibits our understanding of the intimate, interdependent relationship of the whole with its parts, we are still pretty much ignorant about the relationship in which we, as a whole, encode every cell in our bodies with a blueprint (self-generate, self-organize, adapt, endure) that ensures our development into a cohesive yet supple whole; a relationship which is fundamentally the same as the one that encodes everything in Nature, including you and me, with the blueprint (self-generate, self-organize, adapt, endure) that ensures the development of the evolutionary Process that makes our Universe into a cohesive yet supple whole.

We are a self-generating organization of myriad components that, instinctively working together under a primal plan, creates in us what we experience as the phenomenon of the Mind. But we have no idea how or why.

Just imagine where Humanity could be if our current scientific ideology opens the floodgates to Wholeness, with its profound implication that what makes us whole is fundamentally the same as what makes our Universe whole.

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107 – Universal Blueprint (Part III) …

It changes us, completely, to figure out that our physical existence is pre-determined by a common Blueprint … a natural ordering process … which not only determines our development – mapping the position, the organization, the role, the duration of our components; plotting loosely our evolution; charting our process of self-generation; inciting our survival instincts; defining the length of our existence – but that also endows us with a degree of choice in adaptation, transforming ourselves and our world. This common Blueprint is the pulse of Nature in each and all of us, throbbing in our veins from the moment we are born, until the moment we die.

And it changes us even more to comprehend that this common Blueprint, this natural ordering process, pre-determines not just us but everything EVERYTHING … in our Universe (atomic particles, molecules, cells, all forms of life, planets, solar systems, galaxies, clusters of galaxies); mapping organization, role, evolution, relative duration; charting the process of self-generation; inciting the instinct to survive, and yet allowing a degree of choice in adaptation.

The implications of this realization are profound: That since the inception of our Universe a primordial blueprint has been mapping … with a degree of flexibility … the development of very high levels of Complexity, proves the existence of a creative, disciplined, determined, resourceful and yet supple Order, equal to the primal Order that maps in us the development of our bodies with creativity, discipline, determination, resourcefulness, and yet endows us with the flexibility to transform ourselves and our world.

In the midst of trial and error, creation and destruction, this is how Nature evolves; allowing the transformative progression of Order to develop into levels of Complexity that have come to ignite in us the flame of conscious self-awareness.

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106 – On Human Greed …

Greed, in human terms, is an immoderate and selfish desire … for power, wealth, food, fame, recognition … beyond the dictates of basic survival needs and comfort, and that, exploiting a moral weakness, overwhelms our common sense.

Greed is ancient in Human history; stronger in some early civilizations than in others and more insidious in men than in women.

Erich Fromm described greed as “a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.”

Prompted by overindulgent hunger for power, or possessions, or wealth, and most recently by the dominant economic creed that “Greed is Good”, Greed has come to obliterate our common sense to such a degree, that most of us are oblivious to the fact that our greed is destroying … like greedy cancer cells … the host that provides our source of Life.

Immoderate Greed is a learned, not an innate characteristic in human evolution. I don’t think early humans were dominated by Greed before the Agricultural Revolution   when everybody worked together for the benefit of the group. It might have developed in us as a perversion of the accumulation of winter supplies, or a perversion of the need to expand into more territory as groups grew larger, or a perversion of the struggle for power and recognition as the need for leadership arose (these are but assumptions), but however this perversion came to dominate human nature, it has now turned into a vice that throws us … most of us … into a sick, aggressive, insatiable and destructive competition to have more and more, with absolutely no regard for the consequences of our ill-conceived urge. A terrible consequence of this perversion … with its rapaciousness, trickery, manipulation, deceit, violence, disregard for human decency … is the dreadful monstrosity of corporate greed.

It is thus we have created a world where Scavenging and Hoarding are more protected and promoted than the Welfare and Happiness of people. We have been taken hostage by an irrational and insatiable Force that does not take our lives into consideration, but instead demands the levels of rapaciousness threatening our survival.

But we have now the technology to unite the voices of the world to help us understand, and overcome, this destructive Force that is taking our lives hostage; ruling us with immoderate Greed completely devoid of common sense.

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105 – The Creative Order of Nature …

There is a creative Order in Nature … the Implicate Order as David Bohm, the American physicist, called it … that induces all things in Nature to self-organize with a degree of self-determination towards higher orders of complexity. But this Order is not effortlessly perceived by the human mind under current paradigms.

Our understanding of the creative Order in Nature is obstructed by 1 – a scientific Paradigm that teaches us that creativity and self-organization in Nature are but the result of sheer Chance and 2 – by a religious Paradigm that teaches us that Human beings are creative and self-determined because we are separate from and better than Nature. And yet, upon scrutiny of empirical knowledge, the fundamental capacity of all things in Nature to self-organize with creative self-determination becomes apparent:

All things in Nature … without exception … although utterly unique (no other one exactly like me in the entire Universe, no other solar system exactly like ours in the entire Universe), instinctively self-organize into the distinctive characteristics of a common genus.

All things in Nature … without exception … consume energy sources from immediate environments (foods, oxygen for us; kinetic energy, heat for our planet) to fuel the relatively pre-determined yet adaptable organization of our bodies.

All things in Nature … without exception … grow into Complexity out of the fusion of fundamental elements (ovum and sperm for you and I; stars and star remnants for galaxies) sensing the demands of environments and, whether by instinct or self-determination, seeking the equilibrium of Order to endure.

The capacity of all things in Nature to self-organize … and re-organize … with a relative degree of creativity and self-determination toward order and complexity is the primordial Process we have come to call Evolution. And although this creative and self-determined Process is beyond our understanding, it clearly induces all things to reinvent themselves from within … pregnant with ingenuity … bending the rules of genera and environments.

The capacity to perceive this natural Order, and to realize we are a part of it, is the most awe-inspiring feeling a human being can experience. And yet this capacity is obstructed by the same institutions with the most power to help us understand it: a scientific Paradigm bent on teaching us that the creative Order so evident in Nature is nothing but the result of sheer Chance – thus inducing us into uncaring devastation; and a religious Paradigm bent on separating us from the natural Order – thus inducing us into a world of division and conflict.

How different we will be when the creative Order of Nature is not veiled by wars and fear and hate and so much destruction? How different!!!

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