100 – Let’s Recreate our Future …

The political, economic and religious hierarchies we have supported throughout our history use Deception, Fear and Division to deny us the knowledge of our amazing potential to create a civilization where Education, Moderation, Tolerance and the avoidance of Dogma are instead our leading values. To control us, they perpetuate beliefs on outrageous fabrications the likes of: Our purpose in life is to submit without question to the will of an omnipotent and vengeful made-up deity; Heroism is the will to die and kill ourselves and others for someone else’s ideals; the measure of Success is boundless greed without regards for integrity, respect or environmental devastation; Nature is a resource for Humanity’s consumption.

These hierarchies control a subservient media to instigate in us a feeling of irrelevance and dread through a constant focus on Scapegoating, Consumption, Conflict and Fear; they have twisted us into rewarding those who lie and steal while punishing those who tell the Truth; they have sequestered Education to promote an unsustainable and destructive corporate ideology; they label as un-patriotic those with the courage to question their irrationality; by instigating reactionary behaviors against our own humanity, they drive us into incredible levels of hate and cruelty, and to fanatically annihilate anything that challenges their dominance.

When will we come to the realization that we don’t need this; that we are better than this; that it will destroy us if we don’t change it?

It is dreadful to think about the horrible future our dominant hierarchies promise us – – so detached from the world of happiness and love we all desire.

After thousands of years under the domination of the destructive forces of Dogma, Terror, War, Intolerance, Greed and Deceit, we possess now the intelligence, the will and the collective power … in the same way we have the power from within to redirect, recreate and shape our future … to recreate and redirect our cultures into a rational, moderate, tolerant, educated and more humane civilization.

A multitude of us, with a Vision in mind, is an unstoppable force.

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99 – The Significance of Being Alive

It is astonishing, isn’t it? that the tiny little creatures we give Life inside of us … those we call ovum and sperm … contain, when they fuse together, the entire information, and the primal urge, to recreate a whole new being, a brand new creature endowed with some replicated characteristics yet utterly unique and infused, like you and me, with the energy of Life, and the capacity to procreate, and a degree of freedom to change and be changed. But this could not happen without a receptive and supporting environment.

This is how we re-generate our progeny. This is how we reinvent ourselves. This is how we have evolved from the early hominids into beautiful and ingenious creatures: Fully erect; incredibly dexterous; able to communicate through complex mediums; able to look back into our past and plan for the future; able to look at the stars and wonder; able to sense Destiny … in our wishes, in the things we accomplish, in our capabilities, in how intelligent and magnificent we can be … but this is also how we have come to populate almost every habitable niche on the surface of the earth, overwhelming the environment that has allowed us to get to be what we are today.

There is no creature we know of as beautiful and ingenious as we are, but under Deceit and Greed we seem unable to comprehend the fact that we cannot exist without the natural world, and so we are overwhelming it with our explosive growth, and so we are altering it in ways that may not support us any longer.

The significance of being alive is, for most of us, the awareness of the experience of being alive … the toil, the happiness, the pain, the anguish, the pleasures, the falls, the triumphs, the wonder, the interdependence of it all … and the intelligence to know that we cannot be alive, nor our progeny, without the natural world we are now drastically altering for the benefit of a few.

The challenge then is, for most of us, to make those blinded by greed and the corruption of power, understand what is evident to us.

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98 – Fracturing The Indivisible …

Between the Divisiveness of organized religion (my religion is the ‘true’ religion, not yours!) and the Reductionism of current scientific focus (we can understand Life, our Universe, everything, by separating primary elements!), we have managed … with our very young, fallible and easily influenced minds … to fracture The Indivisible, separating ourselves from Nature … as if we were not made out of it … and perpetuating the myth that we are a ‘special creation’.

We are ‘special’ but only in the sense that, in addition to the fact that we  have been engendered … as everything in Nature … with a primordial set of survival instincts (the instincts to nurture our own development, to adapt to environments in ingenious and creative ways, to generate our own elements, to perpetuate our kin), we have also been provided with the advantage to unfold in relatively stable yet demanding environments; environments that have supported our development by fueling our evolution, challenging us to innovate and begin to learn and, ultimately, driving us to develop into the most highly self-reflective organism we are aware of.

But the Truth remains that we are specks of life in the unfolding of Nature; frail, needy and yet fiery organisms completely dependent on the primal self-organization of our bodies and on the support of a propitious environment.

Our fracturing of Nature into opposing and seemingly unrelated realms … Micro-cosmos versus Macro-cosmos, Energy versus Mass, Mind versus Matter, Nature versus Us … and accepting, as rational, the absurd idea that we can be independent from Nature and exist as in isolated cocoons, have fueled our incapacity to see the Evident: That we are made out of Nature and cannot exist without Nature.

Our fracturing of Nature is akin to removing fish out of water, and believing that they can exist without it.

Hard as we may try, Nature is indivisible and will not reveal its essence unless we see ourselves as one of its creations.

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97 – Why?

What would it take for Humankind … for us, each and all of us … to see that the major forces forging our Destiny are obstructing our intellectual advancement and endangering our chances for survival?

The religious, political and economic paradigms that dictate, and try to dominate the way we think and understand ourselves and our world, are powerful yet human forces rooted on destructive principles: Organized religion is based on Division and thus incites hate and intolerance; political principles are based on Conflict and thus incite war and mistrust; economic principles are based on Limitless Material Growth and thus incite greed and the ravaging of our environment. These forces vie for Power and Control; and since their subsistence depends on followers (greater numbers equal greater influence), they conceal the severe consequences of overpopulation on the fragile equilibrium of the atmosphere in which our lives completely depend.

Although there is no doubt that we have been able to change ourselves and our world in amazing ways through scientific and technological advances, it is also clear that … induced by intolerance, the instigation of constant conflict and the plundering pursuit of material wealth … we are changing the chemistry of the atmosphere.

There was already a period on earth’s evolution where the over-production of oxygen as waste by an emerging bacteria … Cyanobacteria … precipitated an epochal change on the chemistry of the atmosphere, causing the extinction of all life for which oxygen was poisonous.

By augmenting the content of carbon dioxide [CO2] in the atmosphere, we are precipitating such an epochal change in the chemistry of the environment in which Life as we know it depends.

The early catastrophic extinction was involuntarily incited by primitive, unconscious bacteria; but this time, with the clear awareness of those blocking our understanding, we are willingly doing it.

If we all have … each and all of us … the relative power to change ourselves and our environment in beautiful, pioneering and creative ways, why do we allow destructive forces to determine our destinies?

Why? WHY!

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96 – We are All Fundamentally the Same …

The most amazing thing about Nature is that it endows the entire scope of its elements … from galaxies, clusters of galaxies, solar systems, all the way to animals, cells, atomic particles … with a set of Fundamental Properties (instincts!) which steers them to endure, bond and propagate with the intent of perpetuating the unfolding of the natural process we call our Universe.

As we look at the entire scope of natural elements of which we are one, it is obvious that most come into existence with

* The inbuilt devices to allow us to consume other natural elements as energy sources, transform them into the mass of our bodies, and exert them as other forms of energy [‘waste, action, motion development, propagation].

* The inbuilt knowledge to balance the input and output of energy sources as we grow and develop, and then disintegrate when balance is no longer possible.

* The inbuilt capacity to sense changes in our internal and external environments and fittingly adapt.

* The inbuilt knowledge to generate our own elements and bind them temporarily together into an organized and dynamic body.

* The inbuilt power to be catalysts for transformation.

These are some Fundamental Properties that are essential to the viability of all natural elements without regards to size or level of complexity. They reveal our intimate interconnectedness with Nature; an interconnectedness akin to how each cell in our bodies is connected with the whole of us and the whole of us with each cell; an interconnectedness which is the more significant for us because we are the only natural element we know of consciously aware of the consequences of our denying it.

And yet it is anathema to be told that we are fundamentally like solar systems or animals or cells or atomic particles, when it is evident that we share the same Fundamental Properties.

Don’t we all consume energy sources and use them to keep on moving?

Don’t we all manage, as long as we can, to keep a relative balance between what we consume and what we exert?

Don’t we all have the capacity, as diverse as we might be, to self-organize and re-generate and propagate?

Don’t we all have the capacity to adjust, sometimes dramatically, to the demands and fluctuations of our environments?

Don’t we all possess the innate power to transform ourselves and our world?

We are all fundamentally the same.

Therefore, is it not our inability to understand this obvious Fact … that we are, fundamentally, like everything else in Nature … the culprit for the devastation we are impaling on the natural world from which we come into Life and without which we cannot exist? Is it not our inability to accept this Fact fueled by the fear of being dethroned, again, from the myth that we are the pinnacle of Creation?

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95 – A second attempt …

On Post 78, dated May 1, 2013, I published, for the first time, my ongoing attempt to answer the haunting and profound questions Paul Gauguin posited as the title of one of his most beautiful paintings: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

I have since continued to look at the answers, and now, nine months later, it is interesting to see how they have changed as I have learned not only to write better, but more importantly, to understand them better.

Although the questions are, to say the least, not easy to answer, the last one is the most difficult because it is so mired in Fear, Doubt, Fantasy, Belief, Speculation and Ignorance. And although my answer to that question may seem improbable, observable evidence demonstrates more and more how, throughout our evolutionary History, the significance of the life, the ideas, the creations of a single or a group of individuals can continue to be physically or spiritually present, not only affecting how we are and behave, but also how we think and understand ourselves and our world.

Where do we come from?  

We emerge into Life out of the primordial, creative and unfolding Process some of us call Evolution, but Evolution is just the relentless unfolding of this ancient Process; some of us call it God, but we tend to call God what we cannot understand; some of us call it Nature, but what we call Nature are the manifold manifestations of the Process; some of us call it the Big Bang, but the Big Bang is merely our conception of the source of our Universe.

And even if this ancient Process is unfolding within us and all around us and beyond the reach of our limited organic senses (in the flow of our blood, in the increasing complexity of our brains, in the creativity of Life, in the changing cycles of the earth, in the birth of stars, in the majestic splendor of galaxies), we are not yet developed enough to comprehend it.

What are we?

I do not know. But I do know that we are born with the purpose of regenerating and perpetuating the unfolding of the ancient Process; that we emerge out of this ancient Process endowed with a relative degree of freedom to transform ourselves and our world; that out of an organized congregation of myriad elements working in symbiosis with the environment we originate the mystery and the power of the self-reflecting Mind; that from the dimension of the stars we are infinitesimally small and from the dimension of the atoms we are immensely immense and yet, like the stars and the atoms, we are sources of Transformation.

Where are we going?

Driven mostly by primal instincts and restricted by the constraints of our internal and external environments, we forge ahead, inexorably, pregnant with possibilities, transforming ourselves and transforming our world until we no longer can and dissolve back into the ancient ground from which we emerged.

But the dissolution of our physical body is not an End but a door to further Transformation, and what we have done, what we have imagined, what we have created, what we have destroyed, how we have changed ourselves and our world  … our Legacy – as we call it … will be the measure of our Transformation into higher realms of the unfolding Process that creates Life in order to create itself.

Imagine then how different our world would be if, unlike most teaching done under our economic, religious and scientific paradigms which see Death as the end to further transformation, we instead teach children all over the earth that we come into existence endowed with the potential … upon the dissolution of our physical body … to re-emerge as a transforming presence into a higher realm of the unfolding Process from which we initially emerged, but in equal measure to the significance of our lives.

“… Immortality exists in the eternal consequences of our acts …” Robert Ingersoll

“… I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again …” Socrates

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94 – The Ultimate Transformation …

Why to write, once again, about Death? Because unlike what we are taught, Death can be Beautiful … the ultimate Transformation … and because we don’t know much about it.

Even with the promises of organized religions … outlandish as they are and hard to swallow … we still think of Death as an inevitable ending. And add to that a dominant economic philosophy that pressures us to enjoy life to the fullest by filling it with possessions and occupying every thinking moment with banality and pleasure, and so we have come to suspend understanding.

It is thus we don’t know how to deal with the only sure thing we have in Life: That Life as we feel it, as we live it, as we know it … the physical and emotional experience of it … must end.

But the incontestable Facts that we are transforming presences in the chain of Being, interconnected and evolved through instants and eons of bonding and reproduction, and emerging out of an ancient and creative Process with the clear purpose to transform ourselves and our world until merging back again … albeit changed … with the same Process from which we emerged, are never taught to us.

Nothing teaches us that we come into being out of the stuff of the earth … for a fleeting instant in the scheme of galaxies and an eternity in the scheme of the atomic particles … with the purpose to perpetuate That which gives us life.

Nothing teaches us that with every step we take we advance, inexorably, towards the unavoidable meeting with the indescribable: The ever unfolding Process that creates Life to create itself.

Nothing teaches us that the significance of what we do with Life will be the measure of our re-emergence into higher realms of existence.

Think of Darwin, Einstein, Da Vinci, Beethoven. How the significance of their lives … their insights, their creations … is still with us, challenging our understanding, filling us with wonder and emotion, altering the make up of our brains.

The Primordial Process from which we flittingly emerge into Life is unbending about our ultimate dissolution yet bends to incorporate us back into its unfolding, but only in equal measure to the significance of our existence.

Imagine how different we would be if we learn early in our upbringing that the energy we create with the whirlwind of our lives can be flung … in equal measure to its significance … to re-emerge as a transforming presence into higher realms of the unfolding Process!

Death is but a Gate into the ultimate Transformation.

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93 – The Crux and the Beauty of Being Human …

The Crux of being Human is that we are evolving, as no other creature we know of, with an expanding awareness that we are, like most animals, driven mostly by unconscious instincts that support our adaptation.

One of these unconscious instincts is the metabolic process that drives us to grow, to bond, to reproduce, to respond to environments while we maintain a relatively stable physical structure.

We are trained to think about Metabolism as the chemical process in living things by which food is used for tissue growth or energy production.* But Metabolism (from the Greek metabole, which means ‘Change’), whether applying to living organisms or not, is the continuous exchange between absorption and production of energy sources through which natural systems adapt in symbiosis with environments.

Although this process is mostly instinctive, the continuous exchange between absorption (food, oxygen) and production (motion, action) needed to grow and adapt while sustaining a relatively stable structure, is not possible without a degree of self-reflection.

The Beauty of being Human is that, due to a relatively beneficial environment and our innate instincts to adapt, we have been expanding our capacity to Self-reflect to such a degree that we are not only highly aware of our own awareness, but also aware of how much our capacity to Self-reflect can be expanded.

So the Beauty of being Human is that amidst mostly unconscious instincts we have evolved a high capacity to Self-reflect, and the Crux is that we seem unable to reflect on the Fact that our continued development is not possible without the beneficial environment that supports us.

* Oxford English Dictionary. Highlight mine.

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92 – Without a Vision we don’t know where we are going …

We are participants in an extraordinarily beautiful and creative Universal Order. And although Science has known about it for a very, very long time, it is veiled from us.

  • Einstein saw its equilibrium.
  • Bell, its cohesion.
  • Darwin, its adaptability.
  • Bohr, its dual yet complementary properties.
  • Prigogine, its self-energizing motion towards complexity.
  • Maturana and Valera, its self-generation and self-perpetuation.
  • Mandelbrot, its self-organization upon a compliant model.
  • Heisenberg and Pascal, its utter uncertainty amidst infinite probabilities.
  • Quantum Field Theory, its relative degree of freedom to transform and be transformed.*

But because Knowledge about this Order ruling our bodies and allowing us a degree of freedom to transform and give direction to our lives is veiled from us, we continue to be mired in, and controlled by, constant and pointless conflict.

And thus, as highly evolved as we are or claim to be, we don’t have a Vision for our Future other than the unsustainable concept of unlimited growth in a limited environment – consume, consume, consume is our Credo. Imagine instead if we were to envision a greater understanding of the beautiful and creative Order in which we are immersed and from which we emerge.

Without a Vision we are lost; unable to let go of aggressive behaviors needed eons ago during our primitive development; unable to let go of absurd and divisive beliefs; unable to envision the beautiful and creative Order unfolding within us, and all around us, and beyond the reach of our limited organic senses but not of our imagination.

Without a Vision we don’t know where we are going.

* To name a few characteristics of the Universal Order Science has already discovered.

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91 – Closed versus Open Systems …

A Closed System is an ‘un-natural’ man-made system (un-natural in the sense that interaction with its natural environment is deliberately limited or completely forbidden) and usually prearranged to fit or obtain more of less expected results. Although Closed Systems are never found ‘naturally’ in Nature, using them in experiments has assisted the discovery of patterns of self-organization and order in Nature. But they will never get us even close to discover what Nature is, what moves it, what makes it so creative and flexible and open to change and adaptation.

An Open System, on the other hand, is a natural congregation of diverse yet interrelated Open Systems … systems within systems within systems … natural in the sense that, collectively, they innately know how to absorb energy sources and information from the environment, process it, and then use it to adapt and survive … if possible … perpetuating an ancient evolutionary Process and thus giving us an insight into the primal and creative forces that run in our blood.

But our current and dominant scientific and religious paradigm (Reduction & Division), bent on understanding our Universe through Closed Systems and under the misleading notion that we are separate from and better than Nature, has lead us into the belief that we exist in an isolated and privileged cocoon.

Like the systems we are made out of and the systems in which we exist, we are Open Systems. And although Open Systems can attain many forms, sizes and degrees of complexity, we are homogeneous in the sense that we all share the same intuitive knowledge and common physical characteristics :

1 – self-organizing into interconnected, dynamic and adaptable bodies,

2 – sustaining, amidst constant change, a relative balance between energy consumed and energy exerted; and innately knowing that once this balance cannot be sustained, we either have to restructure or dissipate back into the environment,

3 – sensing the environment to learn to change or be changed,

4 – knowing how to self-generate.

Like cells, or earth, we are Open Systems … highly evolved but Open Systems nonetheless … emerging temporarily into the majesty of a splendid Process that gifts us with the capacity to leave our mark in the world.

Can we lead away from the sad idea that we are not an affecting and affected element of this splendid Process?

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