130 – The Greatest Obstacle …

What do you do when you Know, but lack the “qualifications” (Communication skills, degrees, awards, etc., etc) to share the Knowledge that our brains are already so advanced, so intelligent, so introspective, that we now posses the capacity to comprehend our connection to the magnificent Order that underlies the Universe?

The Universal Order is evident in the creative progression of Evolution into higher and higher levels of complexity, in the Periodic Table of the chemical elements, in the coordinated movement of planets and stars, in the symmetrical dance of energy and mass, in the awe-inspiring harmony of a rainbow.  It is evident within us in the synchronized rhythms of Life, in the methodical self-organization of cells in our bodies, in the molecular structure of the DNA double helix, in our primordial sanction to bond and procreate, in our instinctive urge to survive. But blinded by the illusion that we are Separate from Nature, most of us don’t even consider the possibility of contemplating our connection to that Order.

The extent of our illusion is akin to that of our ancestors’ centuries ago who, relying solely on visual perception to understand macroscopic interactions, were under the illusion that the sun circled the earth and we were the center of the Universe. Today, while accepting the Fact that our organic senses do not always give us an accurate picture of reality (the Air we breathe and fills all spaces appears transparent to us but is in reality thick with molecules; the Light that emanates from the sun and from electricity seems invisible to us but is in reality corpuscular), nonetheless we continue to rely on our senses to understand our interactions with the natural world.

Our experience of the world … the forms, tastes, smells and sounds we perceive … is basically the result of the bombardment of information constantly relayed to our senses by our internal and external environments through interactions with the microscopic world of atoms, molecules, cells. But because our senses are currently unable to perceive these microscopic interactions, we are under the illusion that we are detached from the environment.

This illusion of Separation, so unique to each of us yet so common to all of us, encourages our devastation of the natural world in which our lives depend.

It is thus significant to realize that the same scientific methodology which helped Humanity centuries ago to overcome the illusion that we were the center of the Universe, is the same scientific methodology that today, with its focus on Reductionism and its disdain of Wholeness, is our greatest obstacle to overcome our detrimental illusion of Separation and to conceptualize our connection to the Universal Order.

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129 – The Aim of Evolution …

As each atom, and each molecule, and each cell, and each organ and system they form in our bodies, is imprinted with the history and potential course of its developmental ascent within an evolving primordial Process, so are we as the whole of all of them … what we experience as the self-reflective “I”. This is a Fact most of us can understand and accept theoretically, but not emotionally, not perceptually … not yet.

Desperately asserting the fallacy that we are The Darlings of a “Special Creation”, that we have nothing to do with Nature but consume it and control it, we not only fail to perceive our connection with, and our complete dependence upon the creative, self-generating, self-organizing Evolutionary Process, which allows the time and the favorable environment for atoms, molecules, cells, to congregate into the immensely complex and highly self-reflective organism we currently call homo sapiens; but we also fail to perceive … theoretically, emotionally, sensually, physically … the great beauty that the Mind, the self-reflective “I”, is the collective knowledge of all those atoms and molecules and cells, interacting with each other and with the whole of us, as we  learn from experience, reflect on the past, examine the present, and create a future. This act of learning, of self-reflection, of self-examination, of self-creation, which is mostly instinctive in most of Nature, is, in us … the only creatures we certainly know of … becoming more and more aware of itself. This, the awareness of self-awareness, partly instinctive but mostly conscious, is the aim of Evolution.

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128 – The Tragedy of having Knowledge but not Knowing we have.

With the Theory of Relativity Einstein gave us the knowledge that e=mc2, with its implied self-reflective equilibrium (see Posts 66 & 89), is a universal Law without which our Universe, and everything within it … including us … could not have developed into what we are today. “The mass of a body is equivalent to its energy content”*. But then, What, or Who established this Law; What, or Who implemented it so thoroughly that for eons of time and across an entire Universe no body or system can exist, nor thrive, without obeying it?

With the Theory of Evolution Darwin gave us the knowledge that the primordial, creative, self-generating, self-organizing and adaptable Process, of which we are a manifestation, is the driving universal engine behind the evolution of all things in Nature. “One hand has surely worked throughout the universe.”* But then, once again, What, or Who initiated this Process, setting it determinedly on a steady path towards higher and higher complexity and order?

These Theories, amongst many others with profound implications, have been part of Human Knowledge for decades. The most beautiful thing about them is not only that we have evolved the capacity to envision them, but also that we have evolved the capacity to pose the deep questions they engender, and find answers within us; this is what makes us the most incredible and insightful organism … as far as we know … in Nature. Yet Science, as a the set of institutions supposedly created to advance our Knowledge, is terrified of delving into the immensurability of these questions; and Religion, as the group of organizations supposedly created to support those of us who believe in something/somebody greater than us, inhibits any kind of inquiry into them under the scourge of Dogma.

And so, already Knowing, we don’t Know we Know.

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” Rumi

* Albert Einstein * Charles Darwin (Highlights mine)

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127 – Dogma Enslaves the Mind …

We are, as far as we know, the only creatures in Nature evolved enough to be aware of a degree of freedom to self-reflect on our past, and to plan our future.

But we will neither survive into the promise of our unparalleled evolution, nor as a rational and viable species, as long as we continue to allow the obliteration of our Moral Sense by the scourge of dogmatic and authoritarian principles imposed on us by dominant ideologies:

Economic Dogma: Imposing on us the belief that ‘self-centered consumerism’ and ‘unlimited growth’ are the sole measures of Progress, while disregarding their irrationality.

Political Dogma: Imposing on us the belief that aggression and constant conflict are the measures of Power, while disregarding their destructiveness.

Religious Dogma: Imposing on us the belief that man is a Special Creation … separate from and better than Nature … while disregarding the devastating treatment of Nature and the continued level of Ignorance it incites.

Scientific Dogma: Imposing on us the belief that Reductionism (reducing Life, The Universe to elemental, measurable units) is the only acceptable method to Understanding, while disregarding the Whole without which elemental, measurable units cannot exist.

Fighting with its horrible deceptions the introduction of unconventional concepts or methods … like the concept that, as cells in our bodies, we are elements of a living, self-generating Universe and cannot be alive without it …  which may set us free from centuries-old imprisonment to explore the promise of our unparalleled evolution, Dogma enslaves the mind.

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126 – On Vacation …

If things work as planned, I will be posting again on June 1, 2015

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125 – Pioneers …

Our minds do not yet have the scope to grasp the cause of origin, the totality, the meaning of the primordial Process generating the evolution of what we call our Universe. And as much as we try to deny our physical interconnection with this Process under a paradigm reeking of Division, there is no questioning the Fact that each one of us is one of its parts/elements/creations, nor the Fact that it is amazingly fortunate that you and I have emerged into existence at a level of complexity where we are increasingly aware … as no other creature we know of … of how beautiful and creative this Process can be, not only in the world we depend upon yet relatively affect, but also in the world beyond the earth, beyond our solar system, beyond our imagination.

But for those of us still dominated by the fallacy that we are ‘detached’ from Nature, the Fact that we are created by and dependent upon this primordial Process may seem outlandish or just plainly impossible to conceptualize, even though this Process is physically tangible in us, in our continuous consumption and dissipation of energy sources … foods, oxygen, waste … so our bodies are re-generated and stay alive, or in our primal urge to seek pleasure so this Process continues to evolve.

And so, as we hopefully grow wiser and move away from the fallacies of our current paradigm, and as we become more conscious and knowledgeable about our intimate interconnection with this Process, it is inevitable for our descendants to come to the realization that, although we may not be the only intelligent beings in Nature, we definitely are … like particles in the development of infant brain-cells … pioneering the astonishing development of consciousness in the evolutionary Process we call our Universe.

Imagine how different our world can be if children … all the children in the world … were taught as soon as they begin to show signs of Understanding, that we are Pioneers!

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124 – History is Full of their Ruins …

Any system of governance that steals from its working class, its poor and its disadvantaged with the sole purpose of its own empowerment; that without any sense of Vision for the Future completely disregards the ravages of its blind greed, is an Aberration that … like a cancer … ultimately ends in self-destruction.

History is full of their ruins.

Why is it then that our dominant systems of governance continue to be intent on making the same mistakes over and over and over, thus perpetuating this aberration as if there were no intelligent, progressive and sustainable alternatives; like governance based on knowledge, tolerance, respect, love?

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123 – Hatred …

Many Human actions, emotions, perceptions, decisions, are driven by Hatred.

How can this have come to be if, unlike Love which is innate, Hatred is learned?

Does it mean that when Hatred is such a dominant factor in our cultures … war, genocide, child abuse, scapegoating, torture … we are deliberately teaching it, inciting it in our children, our cultures, our communities, our nations, our beliefs? It is a dismal thought, but there is no other explanation.

We are teaching, inciting Hatred.

As highly intelligent as we claim to be, and having the knowledge that no creature we know of comes into Life knowing how to hate, why do we seem incapable of comprehending the horrific Fact that we are the only species teaching our young to hate our kind?

This is not what we were supposed to become, we, who were just beginning to be aware of the beauty and the power of our innate capacity to Love.

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122 – On the Universal Mind …

We have come to a point in our evolution where we are born into Life with a highly advanced neuronal connectivity that, to a degree, makes us capable of conceptualizing our Universe: How it works, how it has progressed through eons of time … with immense creativity … into a complex, organized and constantly changing system.

The Human animal is very inquisitive. Already in early civilizations we were coming up with primitive concepts to explain our perception of a higher Order … the daily reappearance of the sun, the faces of the moon, the cycles of life and death, the returning constellations, the changing seasons … but unfortunately, in trying to fathom that Order, the crippling dogmatism of organized religions came into power to curb our inquisitiveness, castigating and eliminating those who defied them. And even so, in the midst of the horrors of indoctrination and greed for power and control that continue to dominate us to this day, there always shone the light of individuals who possessed not only the farsightedness of the universal mind … Socrates, Galileo … but also the courage to break free from the claws of dogma; a universal mind that realizes how intimate is our connection with the living Being we call our Universe, and how, amid the creation and annihilation of environmental forces, brings together all existing things under a common process that urges us to grow and thrive and bond and self-generate and survive.

And so, dominated by indoctrination and greed, instead of developing our ability to conceptualize our connection with the Universe that gives us Life, it is curbed. No curriculum, especially in Western educational systems, offers a methodical exploration of this, our magnificent ability. But we do posses it, and although dormant and subjugated we can liberate it on our own by beginning to look at things we innately do which reflect our Universe’s: Like generating our own components, self-organizing our own growth, adapting with immense creativity and a relative degree of choice to changing environments.

Long ago the universal mind of a philosopher* understood that “everything is involved in some kind of process which is common to all existing things”, and so he came to the realization that, by understanding the process in ourselves, we can begin to understand the Universe that originates it. Know Thyself.

As we imprint every cell in our bodies … DNA … with the urge to grow, thrive, bond, self-generate and survive, so our Universe imprints us … each and all of us … with the urge to grow, thrive, bond, self-generate and survive. As we are born with the innate ability to learn languages, so we are born with a universal mind that is innately capable of conceptualizing our intimate connection with our Universe.

A universal mind and being alive are our most beautiful possessions. Knowing this will change future generations as we, as an evolving species, delve into our destiny.

* The Philosophy of Aristotle. Monarch Notes

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121 – On the Phenomena of Mind …

There are two great misconceptions in our understanding of the Mind; these errors not only have a destructive impact on our behavior but, most importantly, obscure for us the true nature of the phenomena.

Under these misconceptions we currently believe

1 – that the Mind is separate from the Body and

2 – that the Mind is exclusively a human phenomenon.

A relative degree of self-control … on how we give direction to our bodies and shape our future … gives us an illusion of Separation from the world around us, from other people, from the environment. And a relative capacity to self-reflect … to be able to reflect upon our own actions … gives us an illusion of Specialness; the illusion that we are superior to the rest of Nature. But having a relative degree of self-control and a relative capacity to self-reflect are not limited to us. The delusion that they are is dangerous because it debases Nature and excuses our irrational devastation of the same environment that has allowed the evolution of our self-reflective minds.

I don’t claim to understand what Mind is … as someone wisely said: a Mind cannot understand itself … but there are self-evident and undeniable facts about the phenomenon that can be grasped with our capacity to introspect.

The Mind is impenetrable and unique to each entity; it is the result of the accumulation of evolutionary traits we bring into existence as members of a particular species; those traits begin to be developed … positively or negatively, intuitively or self-determinedly, creatively or destructively … according to the distinct experiences we learn from the moment we are conceived and start affecting and being affected by environments. Whether it be a cell, a human being, a planet, a Universe, these two factors, evolutionary traits and distinct experiences, are the source of Mind in Nature. A Mind cannot exist without them, and nothing in Nature can exist without a Mind.

But our delusion that the phenomenon of Mind is purely ours makes us deny it to the rest of Nature.

And thus, for instance, we deny the Ovum a Mind, when we know it chooses a single Sperm … an evolutionary trait, yes … but once impregnated it begins one of the most amazing, intelligent, organized and self-determined efforts to create, duplication by duplication, a greater and more complex Mind.

And thus we deny the earth a Mind, when we know it has created a favorable environment … an evolutionary trait, yes … but it has sustained it, persistently, in relative equilibrium through eons of time so myriad varieties of Life can come into existence with a chance to evolve into complexity and high intelligence, thus paving the way for the Mind to grow aware of itself.

And thus we deny our Universe a Mind, when it is obvious that it couldn’t have evolved, nor continue to evolve into increasing levels of Organization and Order, without the degree of self-control and the capacity to self-reflect of a creative, self-generating and self-determined Mind.

Although all of the above are self-evident if not proven Facts, we will not come down from our arrogant pulpit of Separation and Specialness until we accept the Truth that Mind … in myriad degrees of intuition and self-determination … is innate, not just in us, but in all of Nature.

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