100 – Let’s Recreate our Future …

The political, economic and religious hierarchies we have supported throughout our history use Deception, Fear and Division to deny us the knowledge of our amazing potential to create a civilization where Education, Moderation, Tolerance and the avoidance of Dogma are instead our leading values. To control us, they perpetuate beliefs on outrageous fabrications the likes of: Our purpose in life is to submit without question to the will of an omnipotent and vengeful made-up deity; Heroism is the will to die and kill ourselves and others for someone else’s ideals; the measure of Success is boundless greed without regards for integrity, respect or environmental devastation; Nature is a resource for Humanity’s consumption.

These hierarchies control a subservient media to instigate in us a feeling of irrelevance and dread through a constant focus on Scapegoating, Consumption, Conflict and Fear; they have twisted us into rewarding those who lie and steal while punishing those who tell the Truth; they have sequestered Education to promote an unsustainable and destructive corporate ideology; they label as un-patriotic those with the courage to question their irrationality; by instigating reactionary behaviors against our own humanity, they drive us into incredible levels of hate and cruelty, and to fanatically annihilate anything that challenges their dominance.

When will we come to the realization that we don’t need this; that we are better than this; that it will destroy us if we don’t change it?

It is dreadful to think about the horrible future our dominant hierarchies promise us – – so detached from the world of happiness and love we all desire.

After thousands of years under the domination of the destructive forces of Dogma, Terror, War, Intolerance, Greed and Deceit, we possess now the intelligence, the will and the collective power … in the same way we have the power from within to redirect, recreate and shape our future … to recreate and redirect our cultures into a rational, moderate, tolerant, educated and more humane civilization.

A multitude of us, with a Vision in mind, is an unstoppable force.

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