101 – Without Dogma we can face our Destiny …

Power is an easy path to the obliteration of Reason and the Humane in man. Power drives man to become set in his ideas, less flexible, less open to compromise, more and more dogmatic.

When a man, blinded by dogmatism, gets in positions of Power … family, gang, heredity, work, community, religion, politics … he feels impelled to assert his manhood, not by openness and empathy and a desire for wisdom, but by imposing his dogmatism on those he can control; usually by claiming to have a Right, or to know better, or to have a ‘special connection’ with a higher being.

In Politics, dogmatic men close the doors to Compromise and Peace and Justice.

In Science, dogmatic men close the doors to the Subjective and the Intangible and the Mysterious.

In Religion, dogmatic men close the doors to Rationality and Tolerance and Truth.

In Economics, dogmatic men close the doors to Moderation and Selflessness and Equality.

There are very few instances in our History when the attainment of Power has not corrupted the desire in man to seek great deeds for Humanity without the ulterior goal of strengthening his Power.

In the lower animals, seeking Power in the male is mainly driven by organic instincts, which lead to aggression and dominance over the contender(s) with the purpose to subdue and gain status.

But over our evolutionary development, the human being has acquired a high degree of self-reflection, which not only differentiates us from most animals, but gives us the capacity to reflect upon the consequences of our actions and decisions when we let them be dominated entirely by instinct and the blinding force of Dogma.

The dire status of our world … constant conflict, aggression, fanaticism, irrationality, hate, genocide, rape, rapacious greed, extreme inequality, inhumane poverty, atrocious levels of cruelty, oppression of women, environmental devastation, … clearly demonstrates that most of the individuals leading Humankind are still highly driven by dogmatism and instinctive drives, with very minimal capacity for self-reflection on the impact of their decisions on the peoples who they have come to control or subjugate.

It is uncanny to see these individuals, blindingly protecting those that support their hold on Power … even if they are on a destructive and self-serving rampage … disregarding, and oftentimes obstructing, human ingenuity to find solutions for the great challenges we are facing under their dictatorial and utterly selfish leadership.

We put them on those positions of power. We can then demand with millions, billions of messages that they listen to us. And if they don’t, we’ll replace them for someone who will.

Not until we recognize the harmful role of Dogma will we be able to open the gates to the immensurable reaches of the highly self-reflective human intellect; not until then will we be freed from Obstruction and Irrationality.

Without Dogma we can face our Destiny as pioneers in the evolution of Self-reflection in Nature.

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