101 – Without Dogma we can face our Destiny without Fear …

Dogmatic beliefs, imposed with Fear, aim to stop the mind from thinking, from questioning the irrational basis that supports their aims, obliterating Reason and the Humane in man.

Power is a handy tool for asserting Dogma; driving man to become rigid in his ideas, less open to compromise, and oppressive and cruel whenever challenged.

When a man blinded by dogmatism gets into positions of Power (family, gang, work, community, religion, politics), he feels impelled to assert his manhood, not with empathy, or a desire for Knowledge, fairness, equality, but by imposing his will through irrational claims, the like of, being ‘entitled’, or having a ‘special connection’ with a ‘higher power’.

In Politics, dogma closes the doors to Compromise, Peace, Justice.

In Science, dogma closes the doors to the Subjective, the Immensurable, the Intangible, the Mysterious.

In Religion, dogma closes the doors to Rationality, Tolerance, Truth.

In Economics, dogma closes the doors to Moderation, Selflessness, Equality.

There are very few instances in human history, when the attainment of Power has not corrupted the desire in man to seek great deeds for Humanity, with the ulterior goal of strengthening the dogmatic beliefs that solidify his position in Power.

The dire status of our world – constant conflict, aggression, fanaticism, irrationality, hate, genocide, rape, greed, inequality, inhumane poverty, atrocious levels of cruelty, oppression of women and the disadvantaged, environmental devastation – clearly demonstrates that most of those in positions of Power are highly driven by dogmatism, with minimal or no reflection on the impact of their decisions on the peoples they control or subjugate.

It is uncanny to see these individuals, blindingly disregarding and oftentimes obstructing the natural ingenuity of the human being to find solutions to the challenges we face, because those solutions threaten their Power.

Not until we recognize the harmful role of Dogma, will we be able to open the gates to the human intellect and face our Destiny free from Cruelty, Fear, Obstruction, and Irrationality.

Revised January 2020   

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