104 – Paradise …

Under a system of false and dogmatic beliefs which supports the control of self-serving elites, most of us are coerced into believing the irrational concept that Paradise is not the world … tremendous and gentle, raw and ephemeral, tiny and immeasurable, devastating and creative, horrid and amazingly beautiful … in which we are born to experience the wonder of Life, but that it is instead an imagined garden-like place from where we were thrown out, long ago, as punishment for wanting to Know!; or that it is an imagined heaven-like place where we may be allowed to enter, after we die, but only … only … if we submit, unquestionably, to the dictates of dogmatic beliefs the likes of: There is always a foe, oftentimes imagined, to be exterminated; happiness is achieved through greater and greater consumption without regards for the damage to the environment; my idol-deity, not yours, is the true one; we can understand everything, everything … atoms, cells, the entire Universe, Life itself … by breaking them apart.

This set of destructive beliefs, perpetuated through fear and deceit, obstructs our innate desire to explore the evident Truth that the world we live in … with all its misery, struggle, incredible beauty and profound mystery … is Paradise: The only Home where we can Be and love and grow and try to be happy, the only Home we all instinctively search for, the only Home where we can imprint our legacy.

The horrors that dogmatic beliefs bring upon us are painfully evident: Genocide; constant conflict; hate; complete disregard for the value of human life; the acceptance of lies and theft and destruction as natural, the estrangement from common sense and moderation and the knowledge of oneself, the devastation we are imposing on the environment that engenders and sustains our lives.

By surrendering to the coercion to look for Paradise in a fantasy and not in the world of experience, are we not … with knowledgeable intent … ravaging it? And by doing so, are we not driving ourselves – hard – into levels of devastation we cannot even comprehend?

The enslaving grasp of Dogma on us is fierce, but even fiercer is the liberating freedom of the Truth.

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