107 – Universal Blueprint (Part III) …

How different we would be if we accepted the fact that our physical development is pre-determined by a natural ordering process, a blueprint, that maps the position and the role of every component in our bodies, while at the same time giving us a degree of freedom to be creative, disciplined, self-determined.

This ordering process, this blueprint telling our bodies how to self-organize, self-generate, bond, self-regulate, adapt, self-perpetuate, transform, is the pulse of Nature that throbs in us from the moment we are born until the moment we die.

And how even much more different we would be if we accepted the fact that this ordering process, this blueprint that pre-determines our physical development with a degree of freedom in adaptation, is fundamentally the same in everything in our Universe. EVERYTHING, molecules, cells, animals, plants, planets, galaxies, develop through the same process.

The implication of gaining this level of understanding is monumental for us. It leads us to accept the existence of a Universal Blueprint that, mapping development in everything in Nature, allows a degree of freedom to seek higher spheres of complexity – from atomic compounds to galaxies, from instinctive urges to self-conscious Life

This is how Nature evolves. This is how our bodies, pre-determined in our development, ignite the flame of conscious self-awareness in us.

Revised March 2020   

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