107 – Universal Blueprint (Part III) …

It changes us, completely, to figure out that our physical existence is pre-determined by a common Blueprint … a natural ordering process which not only determines our development – mapping the position, the organization, the role, the duration of our components; plotting loosely our evolution; charting our process of self-generation; inciting our survival instincts; defining the length of our existence – but also endowing us with a degree of choice in adaptation to transform ourselves and our world. This common Blueprint is the pulse of Nature in each and all of us, throbbing in our veins from the moment we are born, until the moment we die.

And it changes us even more to comprehend that this common Blueprint, this natural ordering process, pre-determines not just us but everything EVERYTHING … in our Universe (atomic particles, molecules, cells, all forms of life, planets, solar systems, galaxies, clusters of galaxies); mapping organization, role, evolution, relative duration; charting the process of self-generation; inciting the instinct to survive, and yet allowing a degree of choice in adaptation.

The implications of this realization are profound: That since the inception of our Universe a primordial blueprint has been mapping … with creativity and a degree of flexibility … the development of very high levels of Complexity, proves the existence of a creative, disciplined, determined, resourceful and yet supple Order; the same the primal Order that maps in us the development of our bodies with creativity, discipline, determination, resourcefulness and yet endowing us with the flexibility to transform ourselves and our world.

In the midst of trial and error, creation and destruction, this is how Nature evolves; allowing the transformative progression of Order to develop the levels of Complexity that have ignited the flame of conscious self-awareness in us.

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