108 – If Scientific Ideology would give Wholeness a Chance …

Our current scientific ideology has turned dogmatic, like a religion. And afraid of facing inquiry on the scope of its restrictions on the immensurable aspects of Nature, it lashes out, oftentimes viciously, at those who dare disagree with its intransigence.

Our scientific ideology is dogmatic because by focusing exclusively on Reduction and Isolation, it inhibits the exploration of our Universe as a Whole, therefore excluding the interdependent relationship between the whole and its parts. Under this ideology, we build gigantic machines to isolate atomic particles, believing that the only way we can understand the Universe is by reducing it to its elements; this is akin to trying to understand Life by isolating genes.

There is no denying the enormous advances science has made under current scientific ideology: the DNA molecule is decoded; genes can be manipulated to improve health and extend human life; intelligent devices connect people and spread information; we create destructive weapons with the power to wipe out humanity.

But science does not advance knowledge, for instance, about how a congregation of interdependent cells incites wonder in the human brain; or how we generate cells endowed with the information to create a whole new human being; or how, amid the constant birth and death of cells in our bodies, we remain the same fundamental Self – the person I remember being a child, going to school, falling in love; or how we imprint every cell in our bodies with the same fundamental properties with which our Universe imprint us (self-generate, self-organize, adapt, endure); or how is it that our Universe creates a mind able to reflect upon itself.

Just imagine where humanity would be if our current scientific ideology opens the floodgates to the exploration of Wholeness in Nature, an exploration charged with the profound implications of an interdependent relationship where what makes us whole is fundamentally the same as what makes our Universe whole.

Revised March 2020   

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