109 – Self-reflection (Part III) …

How incredible it is for a mind to be aware of its own capacity to self-reflect.

Whichever way our Universe had its beginning, it was born with an absolute, non-negotiable rule: If anything coming into being within its realm was to exist as an ongoing and evolving Process, no matter how complex its development or the diversity of its components or the distribution of its contents, it will have to find a way to keep its fundamental complements … Mass (as condensed energy) and Energy (as liberated mass) … through ups and downs, creation and transformation, growth and repose, in relative equivalence.

This is the universal rule Einstein encapsulated in E=mc2: “The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content”, and vice versa, I add. But the true significance of the equation is not the quantity of energy and mass contents in a body; it is the fact that they have to be in relative equilibrium … one content always equivalent to the other … as the body develops and evolves. And a continuous equilibrium between two contents cannot be achieved without a degree of self-reflection.

Although the equilibrium between the contents can be thrown off by internal and external events, it must be restored if the body is to remain functional. Once this self-reflective process is no longer feasible, the body disintegrates back into the environment.

And thus, for instance, for a body like ours to remain functional while we develop and evolve, our total mass content (bone, muscle, tissue) must remain in relative equilibrium with our total energy content (action, motion, force). This is primordial self-reflection. Our bodies do it instinctively … mostly without our awareness … which is why we get hungry and sleepy when it is time to replenish the energy exerted during activity, and this is why we feel unwell when our body cannot bring us back into equilibrium.

And so it is for solar systems or atoms or cells: In order to remain functional as they develop and evolve, their total mass content (sun, planets, moons, asteroids – nucleus, electrons – protoplasm, membrane) must remain in relative equilibrium with their total energy content (the push and pull of gravitation, kinetic energy, the forces needed to keep the units together). Once this primordial self-reflection cannot be sustained, they disintegrate back into their environments.

Self-reflection is inherent at different levels and degrees in everything in Nature. And we are no exemption to the rule. The big, big difference with us is that … as far as we know, and due to a relatively steady and beneficial environment … we are developing one of the greatest gifts Nature can bestow on its creations: Conscious self-reflection.

But look at us, we are wasting this greatest gift away on wars and greed and deceit and hate, instead of self-reflecting on the grave consequences we are bringing upon us with the imbalance between the unsustainable consumption of our exponential growth and the limited resources of the environment in which our lives depend.

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