113 – Metamorphosis …

The word Metamorphosis derives from the Greek (meta) “change” and (morph) “form” or more simply, to Transform.

The most common example of metamorphosis in Nature is the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly, but we do not usually think of metamorphosis as part of our own development. And yet, after the moment of conception, upon the fusion of a male sperm and a female ovum, the human body begins a passage through the most amazing series of metamorphoses in its labor to adapt to environments.

Ovum and sperm morph into a cell imparted with the primal knowledge to not only replicate itself, but also to create hundreds of diverse cells that, replicating themselves billions of times, re-create a brand new yet typical human being. Without question, this kind of metamorphosis takes a lot of intelligence, ingenuity and, especially, self-reflection. Think about it: Although the whole process is done mostly by instinct, cells could not remember exactly how, when and where to build and replicate themselves in concert with the ongoing transformation of the whole organism without a degree … instinctive as it might be … of self-reflection.

This instinctive self-reflection is the primordial learning force of Evolution that brings together trillions of cells into building, progressively, more sophisticated systems … skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous … to support the morphing of the embryo into the fetus, and the fetus into an oxygen-breathing being, and ultimately the newly born into a fully developed human being progressively more conscious of the capacity to self-reflect. This is one of the greatest metamorphoses in Nature: From purely instinctive self-reflection into conscious self-reflection.

Embedded within the relative stability for over eight hundred thousand years of the composition of the earth’s atmosphere, the human being has slowly been able to morph into the most consciously self-reflective creature we know of in Nature. But under a Paradigm dominated by conflict, hate and greed that benefits a few, we are … fully consciously … rapidly altering the composition of the atmosphere with high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide and methane to levels never experienced in all of our history; thus changing dramatically the environment that has slowly and steadily nurtured our evolution.

Will we, including those accelerating the change with their devastating greed, be able to morph … hastily, intelligently and successfully … into the altered human being that the rapidly changing environment will demand? We can only hope.

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