115 – We Have Lost our Way …

It is evident that our current Paradigm is unsustainable and destructive, and that without a shift to a sustainable and creative Paradigm, we are lost.

Two things we can do to help us out of a Paradigm ruled by the greed, conflict, destruction devastating our humanity and our world, and move instead into a Paradigm ruled by self-reflection, equality, and prosperity with moderation and in harmony with Nature, which will bring us into a world of peace, happiness, fairness, understanding, love.

These two things are:

1 – A revival in Education of the three fundamental principles that guided ancient Greek civilization into a Golden Age of the mind ruled by critical thinking and self-reflection: Know Thyself, moderation, and the eradication of dogma.

And 2 – The incorporation into all branches of Learning of the Fact that being indivisible from Nature and as dependent on environments as any other form of existence in our Universe, we have to accept the reality that the essence of most physical scientific theories applies to us as they apply to everything in Nature.


The essence of Relativity is Equilibrium, which is inherent in us from the moment we come into Life until the moment we die (breathe in=breathe out, action=rest; consume=discharge).

The essence of Bell’s Theorem is the Fact that we are a congregation of myriad parts intimately interconnected to create the complex organization we experience as a dynamic, cohesive and self-directed self.

The essence of Complementarity is the Fact that we are syntheses of complementary properties that render us to be unique in our individuality and the evolving progression of a species and a universal being; each property complements the others, and none cannot exist without the others.

The essence of Dissipative Structures is the Fact that, as complex systems, we grow and develop through the intake and release of energy sources from the environment.

The essence of Evolution is the Fact that, although our development is relatively pre-determined by internal and external evolutionary processes, we do possess a relative degree of freedom in adaptation.

The essence of the Mandelbrot Set is the Fact that we innately know how to organize the structure of our bodies by replicating a primal yet pliable model.

The essence of Autopoiesis is the Fact that self-contained within a sensory boundary, we self-perpetuate by generating our own components while maintaining a fundamental yet flexible configuration.

The essence of Quantum Field Theory is the Fact that, in the midst of constant environmental change, we are catalysts for transformation with the capacity to evolve into higher orders of complexity.


Although the Golden Age of Greek Civilization was far from perfect (slavery and the complete disregard for women’s participation in matters of State and Science), the fundamental principles that guided them to reach a pinnacle in human history give us an attainable pathway to achieve a better society. And Science, with its profound insights into the nature of reality, can give us the blueprint to better understand not only what we are but also the world from which we come into Life.

Without a Paradigm shift, we are lost.

Revised April 2020   

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