116 – The Primal, Sensual, Creative Creature Throbbing within us …

Without a rival we know of, the human mind … that mystery of all mysteries … wanders anywhere it pleases – imagining infinity, scrutinizing atoms, feeling feelings, remembering what’s been learned, mapping the future   –   a visionary without par.

But we let our minds be imprisoned under the chains of dogma, shying away from self-knowledge for the pleasure and comforts of those who care for us not, estranged from our own Beauty for the pleasure and comforts of those who deceive us to engorge their greed.

Obey our authority, they demand, even if it destroys you and divides you and makes you hate. Kill for our macabre beliefs, they demand, even if those we kill have done nothing to us;

Without a rival we know of, the human mind … that mystery of mysteries … when given a bit of a chance, and a bit of freedom, blooms like an Einstein, or a Beethoven, or a Rilke.

E=mc2 … the greatest insight into the nature of Reality: Self-reflection in Nature.

The Choral Symphony … a joyful cry out of a world without sound.

“Help me. You see, we slip back,

without knowing it, from our advance,

into something we didn’t intend; where

we can become caught up, as in a dream,

and where we could die without waking.”* … a cry from a beautiful mind begin us to see that, imprisoned under the chains of those who do not want us free to Know, we will never come to know the incredible beauty within us: That primal, sensual, creative creature throbbing within us … fiercely craving to know and to be known, to understand and to be understood, to love and to be loved.

* Rilke

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