122 – On the Universal Mind …

We have come to a stage in our evolution where we are born with a highly advanced neuronal connectivity that gives us a mind capable of conceptualizing our Universe: A universal mind that wants to understand how our Universe works, how it has progressed through eons of time and amid constant change into such an immense, organized and complex system, how it has brought Life from pure instinct into the awareness of itself.

The human-animal is a very inquisitive creature. Already in early civilizations, we were coming up with primitive concepts to explain our perception of what we deemed to be a Higher Order … the daily reappearance of the sun, the faces of the moon, the cycles of life and death, the returning constellations, the recurring seasons. But unfortunately, in trying to fathom that Order, the crippling force of dogmatism came into power, castigating and eliminating those who defied it, thus curbing our inquisitiveness.

And even so, amid the horrors brought by the indoctrination and greed of dogmatic beliefs that continue to dominate us to this day, there have always been individuals who possess not only the farsightedness of a universal mind (Aristotle, Darwin, Einstein) but also the courage to break free from the claws of dogma and realize our intimate connection with the living Being we call our Universe; a connection that brings together all existing things under a common process that urges us to grow, thrive, bond, self-generate, and transform ourselves and our world.

Aristotle, for instance, understood that in Nature “everything is involved in some kind of process which is common to all existing things”. * And so, he came to the realization that by understanding the process in ourselves – Know Thyself – we can begin to understand the Universe that originates it.

As we begin to understand how we imprint every cell in our bodies (DNA) with the innate urges to self-generate, self-organize, bond, self-regulate transform with a degree of freedom in adaptation, so we can begin to understand how our Universe imprints every one of its components, including us, with the innate urges to self-generate, self-organize, bond, self-regulate, transform with a degree of freedom in adaptation.

We are born with a universal mind innately capable of conceptualizing our intimate connection with our Universe, and knowing this will change us as we delve into our destiny.

* The Philosophy of Aristotle. Monarch Notes

Revised May 2020   

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