123 – Hatred …

Many Human actions, emotions, perceptions, decisions, are driven by Hatred.

How can this have come to be if, unlike Love which is innate, Hatred is learned?

Does it mean that when Hatred is such a dominant factor in our cultures … war, genocide, child abuse, scapegoating, torture … we are deliberately teaching it, inciting it in our children, our cultures, our communities, our nations, our beliefs? It is a dismal thought, but there is no other explanation.

We are teaching, inciting Hatred.

As highly intelligent as we claim to be, and having the knowledge that no creature we know of comes into Life knowing how to hate, why do we seem incapable of comprehending the horrific Fact that we are the only species teaching our young to hate our kind?

This is not what we were supposed to become, we, who were just beginning to be aware of the beauty and the power of our innate capacity to Love.

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