125 – Pioneers …

Our minds do not yet have the scope to grasp the cause of origin, the totality, the meaning of the primordial Process generating the evolution of what we call our Universe. And as much as we try to deny our physical interconnection with this Process under a paradigm reeking of Division, there is no questioning the Fact that each one of us is one of its parts/elements/creations, nor the Fact that it is amazingly fortunate that you and I have emerged into existence at a level of complexity where we are increasingly aware … as no other creature we know of … of how beautiful and creative this Process can be, not only in the world we depend upon yet relatively affect, but also in the world beyond the earth, beyond our solar system, beyond our imagination.

But for those of us still dominated by the fallacy that we are ‘detached’ from Nature, the Fact that we are created by and dependent upon this primordial Process may seem outlandish or just plainly impossible to conceptualize, even though this Process is physically tangible in us, in our continuous consumption and dissipation of energy sources … foods, oxygen, waste … so our bodies are re-generated and stay alive, or in our primal urge to seek pleasure so this Process continues to evolve.

And so, as we hopefully grow wiser and move away from the fallacies of our current paradigm, and as we become more conscious and knowledgeable about our intimate interconnection with this Process, it is inevitable for our descendants to come to the realization that, although we may not be the only intelligent beings in Nature, we definitely are … like particles in the development of infant brain-cells … pioneering the astonishing development of consciousness in the evolutionary Process we call our Universe.

Imagine how different our world can be if children … all the children in the world … were taught as soon as they begin to show signs of Understanding, that we are Pioneers!

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