125 – Pioneers …

Our minds do not yet have the greater scope needed to grasp the cause of origin, the totality, the meaning of the primordial Process generating, regulating, perpetuating, transforming the evolutionary progression within which we are embedded and that we call Universe. This kind of understanding is made even more difficult under a paradigm reeking with the fallacy that we are separate from Nature. But we are beginning to not only grasp what is self-evident, that each one of us is a creation of this primordial Process, but that we have emerged at a level of complexity in our evolution that we are more self-conscious of the impact of our existence on natural processes.

But for those of us who cling to the fallacy that we are separate from Nature, the fact that we are active participants in a primordial Process may seem outlandish or plainly implausible, even though the fundamental forces that drive its progression – self-organization, self-generation, self-regulation, self-perpetuation, transformation – are the same forces that drive ours.

And so, as we hopefully grow wiser and overcome the fallacies of our current paradigm, and as we grow more conscious and knowledgeable about our indelible connection with the primordial Process, I believe it is inevitable that sooner or later we will come to the realization that, like neurons in the development of an infant’s brain, we are pioneers in the astonishing development of conscious self-reflection in the evolutionary Process we call our Universe.

Imagine how different our world can be if all the children of the world were taught that we are pioneers in the most astonishing enterprise!

Revised May 2020 

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