127 – Dogma Enslaves the Mind …

We are, as far as we know, the only creatures in Nature evolved enough to be aware of a degree of freedom to self-reflect on our past, and to plan our future.

But we will neither survive into the promise of our unparalleled evolution, nor as a rational and viable species, as long as we continue to allow the obliteration of our Moral Sense by the scourge of dogmatic and authoritarian principles imposed on us by dominant ideologies:

Economic Dogma: Imposing on us the belief that ‘self-centered consumerism’ and ‘unlimited growth’ are the sole measures of Progress, while disregarding their irrationality.

Political Dogma: Imposing on us the belief that aggression and constant conflict are the measures of Power, while disregarding their destructiveness.

Religious Dogma: Imposing on us the belief that man is a Special Creation … separate from and better than Nature … while disregarding the devastating treatment of Nature and the continued level of Ignorance it incites.

Scientific Dogma: Imposing on us the belief that Reductionism (reducing Life, The Universe to elemental, measurable units) is the only acceptable method to Understanding, while disregarding the Whole without which elemental, measurable units cannot exist.

Fighting with its horrible deceptions the introduction of unconventional concepts or methods … like the concept that, as cells in our bodies, we are elements of a living, self-generating Universe and cannot be alive without it …  which may set us free from centuries-old imprisonment to explore the promise of our unparalleled evolution, Dogma enslaves the mind.

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