128 – The Tragedy of Knowing but not Knowing we Know …

With the Theory of Relativity, Einstein gave us the knowledge that e=mc2 means self-reflective equilibrium, the universal Law requiring the mass of a body to be a measure of its energy content.[i]  But this begs the question of What, Who does the measuring, and What, Who implements this Law so thoroughly that for eons of time and across an entire Universe, nothing we know of can exist nor thrive without conforming to it?

With the Theory of Evolution, Darwin gave us the knowledge that the creative, self-generating, self-organizing, self-regulating Process of which everything, including us, is a manifestation, is the driving engine empowering the progression of Nature towards complexity. One hand has surely worked throughout the universe.”[ii] But this again begs the question of What, Who, Whose hand initiated this Process; What, Who set it determinedly on a steady path towards higher and higher complexity and order?

These two theories, among others with equally profound implications, have already been part of human knowledge for decades. Their unanswered questions tell us about a primal cry our body hears. The cry that tells us our Universe is something/someone akin to the Being within us following the progression of a pre-determined natural order[iii] yet nonetheless endowing us with a degree of freedom to change ourselves and our world; how can otherwise, from a still unimaginable beginning, has our Universe grown into something/someone that has evidently followed a pre-determined progression that endows it with a degree of freedom to experiment, to create, to transform.

The beautiful thing about these unanswered questions is not only that we have evolved the capacity to envision them, but that deep inside, we know the answer. This is what makes us such an incredible and insightful organism, and this is why it is so disconcerting to see the natural sciences, as a set of institutions supposedly created to advance our knowledge, terrified of delving into the immensurability these questions pose; and this is why it is so troubling to see religions, as the organizations supposedly created to support the belief in something/someone greater than us, inhibiting this knowledge by blanketing it with dogma.

It is so that, already Knowing, we don’t Know we Know.

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” Rumi

Revised May 2020   

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[i] Albert Einstein (insert mine)

[ii] Charles Darwin

[iii] Self-generate, self-organize, bond, self-regulate, adapt, self-perpetuate, transform.

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