128 – The Tragedy of having Knowledge but not Knowing we have.

With the Theory of Relativity Einstein gave us the knowledge that e=mc2, with its implied self-reflective equilibrium (see Posts 66 & 89), is a universal Law without which our Universe, and everything within it … including us … could not have developed into what we are today. “The mass of a body is equivalent to its energy content”*. But then, What, or Who established this Law; What, or Who implemented it so thoroughly that for eons of time and across an entire Universe no body or system can exist, nor thrive, without obeying it?

With the Theory of Evolution Darwin gave us the knowledge that the primordial, creative, self-generating, self-organizing and adaptable Process, of which we are a manifestation, is the driving universal engine behind the evolution of all things in Nature. “One hand has surely worked throughout the universe.”* But then, once again, What, or Who initiated this Process, setting it determinedly on a steady path towards higher and higher complexity and order?

These Theories, amongst many others with profound implications, have been part of Human Knowledge for decades. The most beautiful thing about them is not only that we have evolved the capacity to envision them, but also that we have evolved the capacity to pose the deep questions they engender, and find answers within us; this is what makes us the most incredible and insightful organism … as far as we know … in Nature. Yet Science, as a the set of institutions supposedly created to advance our Knowledge, is terrified of delving into the immensurability of these questions; and Religion, as the group of organizations supposedly created to support those of us who believe in something/somebody greater than us, inhibits any kind of inquiry into them under the scourge of Dogma.

And so, already Knowing, we don’t Know we Know.

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” Rumi

* Albert Einstein * Charles Darwin (Highlights mine)

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