129 – The Aim of Evolution …

Each atom, each molecule, each cell, and each organ and system they form in my body, carries the history of my developmental ascent within the primordial process of evolution in Nature. This is a fact I understand and accept theoretically, but not emotionally, not perceptually … not yet. My mind has not reached that level of self-awareness.

Desperately wanting to believe the fallacy that we are ‘the darlings of Creation’ and that we have nothing to do with Nature but consume it and control it, we not only fail to perceive our connection with and complete dependence on this evolutionary process but its great beauty.

This evolving process brings together diverse forms of existence and connects them in ways that as a unit they create a mind – the central center of operations we perceive as the “I” where information is gathered and analyzed, where we begin to self-examine, where we sense ourselves in an environment, where we grow conscious of the power to transform ourselves and our world.

This, the awareness of self-awareness – to know we are part of a process we can transform yet cannot exist without, is, I believe, the aim of Evolution.

Revised April 2022   

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