129 – The Aim of Evolution …

As each atom, and each molecule, and each cell, and each organ and system they form in our bodies, is imprinted with the history and potential course of its developmental ascent within an evolving primordial Process, so are we as the whole of all of them … what we experience as the self-reflective “I”. This is a Fact most of us can understand and accept theoretically, but not emotionally, not perceptually … not yet.

Desperately asserting the fallacy that we are The Darlings of a “Special Creation”, that we have nothing to do with Nature but consume it and control it, we not only fail to perceive our connection with, and our complete dependence upon the creative, self-generating, self-organizing Evolutionary Process, which allows the time and the favorable environment for atoms, molecules, cells, to congregate into the immensely complex and highly self-reflective organism we currently call homo sapiens; but we also fail to perceive … theoretically, emotionally, sensually, physically … the great beauty that the Mind, the self-reflective “I”, is the collective knowledge of all those atoms and molecules and cells, interacting with each other and with the whole of us, as we  learn from experience, reflect on the past, examine the present, and create a future. This act of learning, of self-reflection, of self-examination, of self-creation, which is mostly instinctive in most of Nature, is, in us … the only creatures we certainly know of … becoming more and more aware of itself. This, the awareness of self-awareness, partly instinctive but mostly conscious, is the aim of Evolution.

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