13 – Relativity = Self-reflection (Part I)

Relativity, along with Evolution, is one of our most popular scientific theories. But as Evolution has been reviled for telling the truth and has been misconstrued by being turned into the destructive concept of ‘Might makes Right”, so the theory of Relativity has been constricted almost exclusively to the realm of mathematics and has been restricted by the limits of the speed of Light. And although Relativity does have something to do with the speed of Light and the prowess of its mathematics, its true essence rests not on those, but on the self-reflective equilibrium between the energy and mass of natural systems.

In 1905 Einstein postulated that “the mass of a body is a measure of its energy content”, and with E=mc2 he quantified that measure: Energy equals the mass content of a body times the speed of Light squared.

Natural systems are always changing under the demands of their internal and external environments; energy is transformed into mass and mass is liberated into energy, but the contents remain in relative equilibrium (greater mass = greater energy, less mass = less energy).

Our organic senses are not sophisticated enough to perceive the dimensions of the atomic elements we are made of, nor the planetary or galactic dimensions in which we are embedded. But we do perceive, albeit mostly instinctively, the need for constant equilibrium between the energy and the mass contents of our bodies; and so, amid change, we keep them in constant equilibrium by increasing or decreasing their contents in equal measure. This is how we grow out of the union of an ovum and a sperm into complex and cohesive organisms. This is why we crave for sustenance and rest when we need to replenish the energy spent in action and motion. This is why we feel depleted and perplexed after the physical exertion of a sexual climax. This is how we exercise power; this is how we are subdued by it.

As described in Post 6, and as quantified by e=mc2, we know for a fact that atomic particles are fundamentally made of immense amounts of energy and minute concentrations of mass. And since our bodies are a congregation of myriad atomic particles, it follows that we are powerhouses of energy.

This is undeniably demonstrated by the reach of the energy generated by a Galilei, or an Einstein, or a Gandhi, or even a Hitler. But dominant doctrines do not allow us to know the power contained within us … it is colossal … and it terrifies them … and it frightens us.

Once again, the visionary words of Marianne Williamson come to mind: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. (Highlight mine)

Revised 11/16/16

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