130 – The Greatest Obstacle …

What do you do when you Know something most people are not allowed to know under the illusion that we are separate from and better than Nature, but lacking “qualifications” – communication skills, degrees, awards, confidence, etc., etc. – you are not able to share that knowledge?

This is the point where I am, knowing that there is a magnificent Order underlying the progression of our Universe toward complexity and self-awareness. The progression is evident in the economy of the chemical table of the elements, in the synchronization of the movements of planets around stars, in the selectivity of galaxies toward spiral and globular shapes, in the measured dance of energy and mass, in the organization of the DNA molecule into a double helix, in the self-generation of Life, in the capacity of the human mind to reflect upon itself.

The extent of our illusion of separation from Nature is akin to the reliance of our ancestors just centuries ago when, basing their understanding of the sky on the limitations of their visual perception, they erroneously believed that humankind was the center of the Universe.

Today, while more and more of us accept the fact that our organic senses do not always give us an accurate picture of reality, we nonetheless continue to rely on them to try to understand the world in which we exist. Our experiences – the forms, tastes, smells, sounds, feelings – are the result of the bombardment of information relayed to our senses through our interactions with the microscopic world of atoms, molecules, and cells. The air we breathe and fills spaces, for instance, seems invisible to us, yet it is molecular; the light that reaches our eyes from the sun and from electricity, seems invisible to us, yet it is corpuscular. But because our senses are currently unable to perceive these microscopic interactions, we continue to hold on to the illusion that we are detached from them.

This illusion of Separation encourages our devastation of the natural world in which our lives depend.

This is why it is so significant that we understand that the same scientific methodology that helped humanity centuries ago to overcome the illusion that we were the center of the Universe, is the same scientific methodology that can help us overcome the illusion that we are separate from and better than Nature. This illusion is the greatest obstacle for us to comprehend how profoundly embedded we are in Nature and how significant it is in the progression of the universal Order that a mind can reflect upon itself.

Revised June 2020   

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