131 – The Order of Nature and Us …

It is relatively easy for us to see a primal Order in the evolutionary progression towards Complexity in Nature (genetics, mathematics, music, the evolution of Life, the wondrous organization of the brain). And so why do most of us remain incapable of seeing ourselves as part of that Order?

Our inability to see ourselves as part of the natural Order is the main reason we are breaking the chemical equilibrium of the environment that supports us, ravaging animal and plant life, inciting the horrifying consequences of hate, driving our civilization to face its downfall.

It is thus uncanny to see Natural Science, “The Advocate of Knowledge and Understanding” with a magnificent record of insights into many of the fundamental aspects of the natural Order, shying away from debunking the illusion that we are not part of the natural Order.

You and I, as well as atoms or galaxies … or anything in our Universe for that matter … are assemblies of multiple parts; each part inherently knowing how to self-generate, self-energize and self-organize into a cohesive, adaptable and self-perpetuating entity that, in relative symbiotic equilibrium with environmental resources and opportunities, carries the probability to evolve into higher levels of complexity.

This is the basic Blueprint for atoms, for galaxies, for you and me to reproduce the primal Order in the evolutionary progression, and so encouraging and perpetuating the movement towards Complexity in Nature. We don’t know What or Who creates this Order … we might never know … but that we are a part of It and that It is a part of us, is incontestable.

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