132 – A Most Harmful Myth …

The dominant myth in most Western thought that our minds are separate from our bodies is a most harmful misconception to Humanity’s advancement into a more rational species. This myth, by perpetuating our sense of separation from Nature and keeping the level of our intellectual rationality were it was centuries, possibly millennia ago, is halting progress in our understanding of our symbiotic relationship with our environment.

The harmful consequences of the perpetuation of this myth are obvious in the state of our world: Constant conflict, horrendous cruelty, mass killings, devastation of the environment in which our lives depend.

Under the myth that the Mind is a separate and unattached entity from the Body, we avoid taking responsibility for our actions; we devalue any form of life … especially and including human life … killing without shame; we commit, with clear intention, horrendous acts of cruelty; we deceive, not as the ‘lower animals’ protecting their progeny, but to destroy, demean, hurt or mime members of our own species. Is it not gruesome how homo sapiens … the most ‘advanced’ species on earth … kills its own by the dozens and thousands, with complete impunity, unless the one killed is a person of ‘worth’?

The Mind-Body relationship in philosophy is akin to the Energy-Mass relationship in physical sciences in which … before Einstein’s special relativity … energy and mass were considered separate entities. It is now proven that energy and mass are complementary and indivisible expressions of the same phenomena – the phenomena Einstein referred to as a body in his elucidation of e=mc2: “The mass content of a body is equivalent to its energy content.”*

Similarly, the Mind-Body relationship is the expression of the phenomena we call the “Self”. Mind and Body are complementary expressions of the Self. Together they form the indivisible relationship in which the Mind is generated to reach, in relative measure, beyond the Body’s sensory limitations   as they complement each other interacting with environments and creating the utterly unique existence of the Self.

One proof that the Mind and the Body are not separate is evident in the impact of physical brain alterations (traumatic brain injury, psychoactive drugs, dementia) on the Self.

Although the limited perception of our nascent conscious awareness may tell us otherwise, Mind and Body are indivisible expression of the Self. That we believe they are separate is a myth. A very harmful myth.

* Highlight mine.

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