136 – When Will We Learn? …

It is perplexing to see how most of Humanity … the great majority of us … as intelligent and advanced a species as we claim to be, cannot yet perceive the self-evident Universal Order inside of us and all around us; the perceptible, measurable, self-creating, self-organizing Universal Order inherent in everything in Nature; the Universal Order that from the convergence of two minute cells organizes our bodies into the self-reflective and limitless imagining power of our minds; the Universal Order that generates the progression of atomic compounds into complex, dynamic and intricately interrelated systems; the Universal Order that demands of us to consume other living forms in order to live; a Universal Order that unifies each and all us … each physical system in our Universe* … with a mandate to self-organize, to self-generate and adapt in order to perpetuate its own self-renewal.

And yet it is even more perplexing to see how the Natural Sciences, especially physics and chemistry with their great insights into the structure of microcosmic and macroscopic magnitudes, are unable to link their findings and see how intimately interconnected they are, and thus still searching for a Unified Theory when they already have one.

The findings converge into a homogeneous blueprint that rules and promotes the unfolding of every physical system … whether it is an atom, a molecule, a cell, a solar system, a galaxy, the Universe itself … unifying them all under a mandate that compels them

  • to interconnect its components to work together … whether by instinct or self-determination … towards the common goal of a parent system (Bell’s Theorem);
  • to fuel the temporary permanence of its life span by consuming and dissipating energy sources in relative yet continuous equilibrium (Relativity & Dissipative Structures);
  • to develop a self-determined yet supple existence amid the uncertainty of infinite probabilities (Uncertainty & Probability Principles);
  • to grow with the property of being an utterly unique individual and a complement of a parent species and a complement of a Universal Order (Complementarity);
  • to be completely dependent on the environment yet manipulating and being manipulated with a relative degree of freedom in adaptation  (Evolution);
  • to grow into a self-sufficient, self-contained, self-generating, self-organizing and self-perpetuating system with the potential to become a catalyst for transformation (Autopoiesis & Field Theory)

No matter how minuscule we are in our Universe, we are nonetheless a physical system that like an atom, a molecule, a cell, a solar system, a galaxy, the Universe itself, embodies the traits of the shared blueprint that connects everything into a Universal Order. And so the Universal Order is in us and we are within the Universal Order.

When will we be able to learn to incorporate this self-evident Fact into the way we perceive ourselves and the Universe that engenders Existence with a degree of freedom in adaptation?

* In physics, a physical system is a portion of the physical universe chosen for analysis. Everything outside the system is known as the environment (Wikipedia).

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