136 – When Will We Learn? …

It is perplexing to see how most of humankind – the great majority of us – as intelligent and advanced as we claim to be, cannot yet perceive the Order that permeates our Universe; the perceptible, measurable, self-creating Order inherent in Nature; the Order that, with the convergence of two microscopic cells, initiates the creation of the limitless imagination of the human mind; the Order that generates the progressive ascendency of atomic compounds into intricately interrelated systems; the Order that demands living systems to consume other living systems in order to exist; the Order that unifies every physical system in our Universe with the template that perpetuates its own progression towards greater complexity.

Yet it is even more perplexing to see how the natural sciences, especially physics and chemistry with their magnificent insights into microcosmic and macroscopic magnitudes, can be so obtuse as to be unable to see how profoundly interconnected their theories are. This is the reason why they still are searching for a ‘unified theory’ … when they already have one,

The fundamental findings of salient physical theories converge into a unifying blueprint that compels everything in Nature, whether it be an atom, a molecule, a cell, a galaxy, you and I, to search for stability and order amid constant change, and for a degree of freedom to adapt amid the struggle to survive.

When will we learn to see ourselves as participants in the universal Order unfolding within us and all around us?

Revised August 2020    

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