137 – Why are We so Cruel?

We are so cruel because most of us unquestionably believe in the words of books filled with horrendous cruelty.

We are so cruel because very early in life we are taught to obey archaic and patriarchal belief systems that dominate us by inciting division, hate, and disregard for life.

Unlike Love, which is innate in us – we are born wanting to love and be loved – Cruelty is learned and incited early in our upbringing. Like no other animal on earth, Cruelty drives us to kill our own with increasingly sophisticated weaponry, to torture with pre-meditation and degrading humiliation, to de-humanize those we want to oppress or destroy, to obliterate the value of life.

Isn’t this a troubling sign that something has gone terribly wrong with us?

How does a belief system dominated by Division, Cruelty Hate, and the obliteration of the value of Life take such hold on our cultures? How has it become so ‘normalized’ that it is perpetuated without a second thought?

How can this be changed?

Only when we face the fact that the perpetuation of our destructive belief systems begins in the cradle. Only when we base the education of our children, not on Division, but on the knowledge that no matter how rich or poor, no matter what color our skin might be, no matter our sexual preference, we all emerge into existence for a performance in the ongoing production of Life. And that measured by the significance of our current performance, we re-emerge for a chance at further performances.

As we had the power to create a hopeless world of Division, Hate, and Cruelty, we have the power to create a hopeful world without them.

Revised August 2020   

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