138 – Contradiction & Agreement in Nature …

As everything in Nature, we are a world of Contradictions and Agreements.

To come into a relatively pre-programmed yet unique form of existence we must emerge anew from an ancient source. Then begin the creation of a Self by devouring nourishment. And although the Self is regulated by primal instincts, we still can guide it with a degree of choice.

To create a unique Self we must conform to a common order.

To conform we must constantly change.

To constantly change we must endure.

To endure we must labor.

In laboring we grow and age.

And in growing and ageing we ultimately come into a transformative end – into the discerning portal that might grant us … as measured by the significance of our existence … passage into a new beginning.

Devouring in order to create, conforming in order to be unique, regulated by instincts yet having a degree of choice, dying to begin anew, may seem contradictions.

They are not.

There is no creation without destruction as there is no destruction without creation.

There is no instinct without choice as there is no choice without instinct.

There is no conforming without change as there is no change without conforming.

There is no labor without endurance as there is no endurance without labor.

There is no beginning without an end as there is no end without a beginning.

There are in Nature no contradictions without agreements; only man, unreasonable in his make-believe dogmatism, seems to find no agreement to his contradictions.

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