139 – The Concept of “Unlimited Growth” is Unnatural …

A paradigm based on the unnatural concept of “Unlimited Growth” as the measure of Progress and Success, might have been viable in the past when there were not many of us to make a noticeable impact on the environment (click on chart to expand*). But that has changed with our exponential population growth, which has brought us to a critical moment in our Evolution.

Population Growts Curve_2014


We have grown technologically smarter but insightfully and morally poorer, and thus, at the global level, we are unable to conceptualize the destructive impact our consumption is making on the environment from which we come into life:

We are throwing off the natural equilibrium of the planet.

We are altering the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

We are annihilating animal and plant Life at a devastating pace.  We are making the planet hotter.

The myopic intent of the leadership of our dominant economies to perpetuate our unsustainable paradigm is bringing us to a clash with Nature that will devastate, if not the entire species, millions of us. The irrationality of their intent is accentuated by the amoral fact that the reason for perpetuating this unsustainable paradigm is to protect the interests of global corporations – these monstrosities of our own creation with no loyalty other than to their own voracious greed – therefore being allowed to continue their hideous levels of destruction without demanding responsibility for their actions other than pitiless monetary penalties, which are then used as tax deductions to avoid impacting their profits.

Global corporations commit hideous crimes: they maim and kill for immediate gain and cover up their crimes with the nod of the politicians they have under their purse; they lack morals and have zero empathy for the lives they destroy; they erode the values that support and define our humanity. This is so evident to us that, deep in our souls, we know that we must face the consequences for the damage these monstrosities, with our acquiescence, have done not only to us but to the source of our existence.

I am no prophet. Any person with a bit of insight can clearly see that the earth cannot sustain the destructive impact of our growth without dramatic upheaval; therefore, the idea that we will ameliorate or turn around what we have done to the planet by being positive and hopeful and ‘good’, is a copout; it is putting blinders on to avoid acknowledging self-evident facts.

A paradigm shift is emerging among a young generation coming into the realization, not only that their future has been betrayed by a corrupt system but that they hold in their hands the fate of the species. Young people are demanding a paradigm shift based on sustainable and fairer economic systems, and, as expected, they are being mercilessly fought by global corporations with the aid of pocketed politicians and a docile media. But the awareness of the betrayal, the awareness that the concept of ‘unlimited growth’ is unnatural, and the realization that the fate of the species is in their hands, are making them stronger and will ultimately lead them into a Vision of a more rational world in which humane economic and political systems can emerge.

“People will ultimately make the right decision if they have the truth” Cicero

*Graph source: UN Population Division

Revised August 2020   

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