140 – We are One with our Universe

I believe that what will make us move forward, leaving behind this troubling era of constant Conflict, Lies, Genocide, Torture, Division, Destruction, Hate, Hopelessness, is the Global realization – every man, every woman, every child on earth – that we are One with the Universe.

Like the bodies of trees, birds, cells, species, planets, galaxies, the Universe itself, our bodies self-organize into cohesive systems by following a pre-determined yet supple blueprint of universal developmental steps.

This universal process – interconnectedness of all components, equilibrium between consumption and dissipation of energy sources, self-containment, self-generation, self-regulation, adaptation, self-perpetuation, transformation – must be followed if developing systems are to unfold into higher orders of complexity.

Although we cannot accept it, we truly have no idea how the process came into existence. A deity or a fantastic assumption are the usual culprits. But as I have written before, the human mind tends to do this when faced with something it cannot comprehend. The reality is that we exist in a Universe that is 1 – progressively unfolding into greater complexity and order, and 2 – that it does so by mandating every one of its component, including you and I, to follow a pre-determined process of development that allows us the flexibility to adapt with a degree of freedom to alter the process.

The universality of the process and its hand in how we exist will become evident to us when we incorporate into our worldview the fact that, as we are One with our bodies by imprinting every cell with the color of our eyes, the pigment of our skin, the beat of our hearts, the primal force to endure, so we are One with our Universe by being imprinted with the fury and the beauty, the chaos and the order, the destruction and the creation, the instinct and the purpose, the limits and the freedom, of a Universe beginning to reflect upon itself – in us.

We are beautiful, ingenious, and powerful creatures and have used our power to make our world, an inferno – wars, genocide, deceit, rape, hate, torture – instead of a paradise – tolerance, knowledge, truth, joy, love. It is our choice. It truly is.

And all that is needed is for every one of us – every man, every woman, every child – to know that we are One with our Universe; that we exist and have come to be what we are not only because we are in It but because It is in us.

Revised August 2020   

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