140 – We are One with our Universe

I believe that what will make us move forward, leaving behind this troubling era of constant Conflict and Lies and Genocide and Torture and Division and Destruction and Hate and Hopelessness, is the Global realization … every man, every woman, every child … that we are One with our Universe.

As everything in our Universe, our physical bodies … like those of trees, birds, cells, species, planets, galaxies, the Universe itself … self-create and self-organize into cohesive entities by following a pre-determined yet supple Blueprint; a universal Blueprint that outlines a set of rules for the unfolding of an ancient evolutionary process that allows a degree of flexibility in adaptation and, if vital, the capacity to alter the process.

These set of rules … equilibrium between consumption and dissipation, interconnectedness of all components, self-containment, self-generation, adaptation, self-perpetuation, catalyst for transformation … must be followed universally if the unfolding of the evolutionary process into higher orders of complexity is to be ensured.

We have no idea how the evolutionary process was initiated, nor who, nor how, nor what initiated it. A deity is the usual culprit, but as I have written before, we tend to call ‘god’ what we cannot comprehend. The reality is that 1 – there is an ongoing evolutionary process 2 – that its rules are inside of us and all around us and 3 – which we must obey in order to exist.

The universality of these rules, their hand on how we come into existence, on how we exist, will become self-evident when we accept into our worldview the empirical fact that we imprint every cell in our bodies with the color of our eyes, the pigment of our skin, the density of our bones, the beat of our hearts, the desires of our mind, the primal force to exist;   as we are imprinted with the fury and the beauty, the chaos and the order, the destructiveness and the creativity, the primal force to exist of an evolutionary process beginning to reflect upon itself – in us.

We are excruciatingly beautiful and horribly destructive beings; we can make this … our world … an inferno – wars, genocide, deceit, rape, torture – or we can make it a paradise – tolerance, knowledge, truth, joy, love. It is our choice. It truly is in our hands to do it

And all we need to do it, with the tools we already have, is for all of us … every man, every woman, every child … to know that we are One with our Universe.

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