141 – Should I Dare Tackle “Spirit”?

Should I dare tackle “Spirit”, the holy of holies, the mystery of mysteries, the primordial force inciting every creature in Nature to self-organize, to self-preserve, to bond, and ultimately, to create the phenomenon of “Mind”, which in us, the only creature we know of, pioneers the wonder of conscious self-reflection?

We don’t know how the body creates the mind, nor how the mind organizes the body, nor how, as One, the mind and the body become a source of volition – a spirit – that gives our bodies the power to enact what the minds urges, imagines, wants; coaxing us to reach beyond our limitations, but ay! so easily corrupted by greed, rage, ignorance.

So, what is the phenomenon we call Spirit? Outside of dogmatic interpretations of religious beliefs, Spirit is the life-force that, in conjunction with a mind and a body, has evolved in human beings to grow consciously aware of our capacity to learn from the past and plan for the future, to judge our mistakes, to glory in our successes, to be aware of our own awareness. And laden with Instinct and open to Infinity, Spirit is the force that makes us subordinate and free, hate and love, disdain and yearn, surrender and struggle; it is the force that closes our minds with the dogmatism that blinds us but also the one that opens us with the wonder that illuminates us.

Spirit, from the Latin spiritus, is the vital force of Existence permeating the entire Universe; it is energy and mass binding into a multitude of forms that, notwithstanding size nor level of complexity, are infused with the momentum to begin the supple process of self-creation – the momentum we call Life.

What an arrogance it is of me to try to tackle Spirit, the holy of holies, the mystery of mysteries. But how not to try to explain this Force inside of me, inciting me – like a little plant, or a bird, or a cell, or the earth, or the sun – to persevere with self-determination and endure against all odds. How not to try to explain the fact that I can touch this Force when I cup my hands together and bury my face in them, when I feel my breath warmly emanating from within, when I sense the stable rhythm of my heart pulsing with life, when an ancient yearning incites me to exist so It can itself exist.

Revised September 2020   

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