143 – How Different We Will Be …

Uncanny to realize how most of humankind cannot perceive our intimate connection with our Universe  … our connection to that creative, evolving, living organism that gives us life with a subtle yet forceful mandate: Self-create, self-organize, Become, Bond, Adapt, Regenerate, Self-perpetuate, Self-transform … when the connection is in plain sight for all of us to see.

You and I, as the Universe, were engendered with the capacity to generate our own components, to organize them into complex systems, and then to synchronize them to work together to achieve Adaptation, Self-determination and Self-transformation towards complexity.

Perhaps this intimate connection with our Universe is difficult for us to perceive, because it is hard to conceive something as inconceivable as to be like an entire Universe. But how else to account for the fact that we exist, only, because each one of us is imprinted from the moment we are engendered … in the same way we imprint each cell we engender in our bodies … with exactly the same universal mandate: Self-create, Self-organize, Become, Bond, Adapt, Regenerate, Self-perpetuate, Self-transform.

Whether the Natural Sciences and Organized Religions disagree with this undeniable aspect of our Reality, is of no consequence to me. Both have disagreed many, many times in our history … oftentimes with extreme cruelty and force … to ideas that open our minds to greater Knowledge, just because they dare to challenge their dogmatic status quo.

I grew up in a world of challenges and contradictions, like most of us do, with fundamentally the same brain, the same organic senses, the same urge to survive amid changing environments, the same instinctive drive to follow … as everybody else … the same universal mandate: Self-create, Self-organize, Become, Bond, Adapt, Regenerate, Self-perpetuate, Self-transform. But I grew up rebelling against any ‘authority’ limiting my mind from exploring beyond what we have already learned, what our limited organic senses allow us to perceive. And observing Nature, and learning from those with open, inquiring minds, I came to perceive our intimate connection with our Universe. It is thus I believe that if I had the capacity to do so, anybody can.

And so it gives me hope to imagine how different humankind will be when all of us can see that, as each one of us is, our Universe also is full of contradictions … rational and irrational, nurturing and cruel, creative and destructive, chaotic and ordered, full of horror and extreme beauty … and that as our Universe urges us to re-generate, and adapt, and survive, and self-transform, It also urges itself to do the same … exactly the same. It is through the perception of this affinity, that an understanding of our intimate connection with the Being that gives us Life, is attained.

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