146 – We Are Utterly Unique AND Utterly Common AND Utterly Universal …

We are utterly unique – there is no other being with exactly the same composition as you or me in the entire Universe – AND we are utterly common – there are billions of beings like you or me with relatively the same bodily configuration, the same organic senses, the same urge to survive – AND we are utterly universal – as everything in Nature, upon becoming we are imprinted with a universal blueprint that dictates our development: Self-organize, self-generate,  bond, self-regulate, self-perpetuate, transform, with a degree of freedom in adaptation.

In becoming and in the structural self-organization of our bodies, we have no choice; this is pre-determined by evolutionary consent. But in bonding, self-generating, self-regulating, adapting self-perpetuating, and transforming ourselves and our world – whether by instinct or self-determination – we journey as active participants in the evolutionary movement of our species with a relative degree of freedom to choose.

Monistic and Dualistic arguments overlook the fact that we are neither monistic nor dualist, but syntheses of threefold complementary properties. Embodying the dictates of the universal blueprint, we are unique in our individuality AND common in the collective evolutionary movement of the species AND universal in our subjection to a rigorous yet supple mandate. We are not one or two properties at a time, we are all at the same time.

Niels Bohr’s Complementarity Principle is based on two of the complementary properties: particle-like (individual) and wave-like (collective). The classic example of Complementarity as it stands today is the phenomena of Light, which is both particle-like AND wave-like. Each photon of Light is particle-like in its individuality AND wave-like in the patterns created by their collective interactions with environments. But the Principle of Complementarity has completely overlooked the universal complement that dictates Light’s unfolding and without which it could not exist. Light is particle-like AND wave-like AND universal-like. Not one or the other. All at the same time.

Extrapolating the Principle of Complementarity to the macroscopic world of species, and solar systems, and galaxies, it is possible to see that every system or phenomena in Nature obey the dictates of the universal mandate as a synthesis of a threefold set of complementary properties. Look, for instance, at the Milky Way, at our solar system, at our species, at each one of us, we are all particle-like in our individuality AND wave-like in the collective evolutionary movement of our kind AND universal-like in our compliance with the same universal mandate. It is true that I can observe you without the inclusion of how you affect or are affected by the evolutionary process of our species, or I can observe you without the inclusion of the universal mandate that dictates the unfolding of your existence, but by doing so, all I get is an incomplete and distorted picture of what you are.

We are a synthesis of a threefold set of complementary properties. We are utterly unique AND utterly common AND utterly universal, not one or the other but all at the same time. And not until we incorporate the threefold nature of our existence that we will begin to understand what we truly are.

Revised September 2020   

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