152 – On Fields and Forces …

Why are ‘trained’ scientists so reticent to accept the Fact that, those theories on which they base their understanding of the biological and physical world, also apply to us … human beings as biological and physical systems?

Can they not see that we are like a flowing field through which energy runs and expands? Can they not see that as the flow of energy passing from atom to atom or cell to cell is a force of transformation, so is the flow of energy passing from person to person a force of transformation? Can they not see that as the fields of energy created by atoms and cells are powerful and tender, creative and destructive, instinctive and self-determined, rigid and supple, and oh, so pregnant with the potential to transform the course of the evolutionary process in which they exist, so are the fields of energy we create?

A field of energy is a force with which bodies cannot only transform themselves and others, but can also potentially transform multitudes and even future generations. Examples of the force of fields of energy in our own history are individuals like Jesus, or Hitler, or Gandhi, whose strong convictions became forces of transformation that incited multitudes into action.

Fields of energy can be the result of environmental fluctuations and demands, but they can also be the result of the assertive power of an atom, a cell, a human being, to focus with laser-like self-determination on the attainment of a specific goal.

Think about falling in love. Think about how intently we focus our entire being to get the One we love to love us back. Every cell in our bodies responds to our feelings, desires, fears, anxieties. Our moods, sensations, heartbeat, temperature, are tremendously enhanced and our bodies respond accordingly: We sweat, tremble, ache to touch and be touched. Our desire ignites a collective call for action to fulfill one of the fundamental mandates of Nature … to bond and self-generate … which is the universal call of self-perpetuation, the call to belong, the call to transcend. And whether or not we achieve our goal, a field of energy is created in which we become a tremendously self-determined force; we become much more than the sum of our parts. Like atoms and cells bonding and self-generating, we become forces of transformation.

It is indisputable that like atoms and cells, we interact with each other and with our world by transforming inner energy into forces that can be strong and weak, destructive and creative, negative and positive, instinctive and self-determined. But our scientific endeavor has grown too entangled with the illusion of our separation from Nature to consider the possibility that our fundamental interactions are not different from most of the natural world. Would it not be exciting if scientists, instead of accentuating our illusion of separation by excluding us from their theories, would instead transform the search for what most of them are already searching for … a Unified Theory of Nature … by including us?

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