155 – A Challenge …

On previous posts I have written about the universal blueprint that interconnects every component in our Universe with a matrix of fundamental properties: Become, Self-organize, Bond, Self-generate, Adapt, Self-perpetuate, Transform; a matrix that connects everything to ensure not only Survival, but also, with self-evident creativity, the continuity of a process that leads to increasing complexity, and ultimately, to Self-awareness (you and me are evidence of this process). But although this fundamental level of our interconnectedness has been obvious for a long time to visionary scientists, philosophers and poets, our collective mind has not yet incorporated it into our perception of Reality.

It is thus I feel compelled to continue writing about the universal blueprint, because our incapacity to perceive how it connects us with one another and with the rest of Nature is tearing us apart; we are killing each other, we are at war with the creative process that ensures our own survival, we are recklessly changing the chemical equilibrium of the earth’s environment – our source of life.

To prove the extent of our interconnectedness, I will demonstrate how … without regards to race, faith, orientation … the properties of the universal blueprint render us all fundamentally the same.

Becoming: Becoming is not of our choice; we are all engendered, without our consent, to become participants in the unfolding of a creative process.

Self-organization: The process of self-organization in our bodies is not of our choice either; at conception we inherit the blueprint that maps the species-compelled generation and organization of our supple framework.

Bonding: We bond in two complementary ways: One is internal, as we interconnect all of our components into a cohesive and functional body; the other is external, as we interconnect with other bodies in lasting or fleeting relationships.

Self-generation: We self-generate in two complimentary ways: One is the capacity to generate our own components, the other is the capacity to generate our kin.

Adaptation: Whether we do it instinctively or with a degree of self-determination, we adapt to the changes and demands of environments by regulating the energy sources we consume and the energy sources we release.

Self-perpetuation: Survival is our most primal urge, and in satisfying it with boundless creativity we perpetuate not only the survival of our own species, but the survival of the unfolding process that engenders us.

Transformation: We have the innate capacity to transform, and be transformed by, the world in which we exist. And depending on opportunities, or the lack of them, our capacity to transform and be transformed … whether destructive or creative, limiting or nurturing, minor or monumental … is transferred onto successive generations.

I believe that if every one of us knows how deeply interconnected we are … how identical in essence, how equally dependent on the equilibrium of the environment … we will stop overwhelming our source of life – we will stop killing each other.

I challenge anybody to look inward into the beauty, and the simplicity, and the creativity of the universal blueprint within her/his own life, and then continue to disown its equalizing power.

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