158 – How Will History Judge Us? …

The fatal enemies of the human mind are Greed – it makes us self-destructive – and Dogma – it enslaves our imagination.

As I visit other countries, other cultures, other peoples, I see the lasting effects of totalitarianism – the trails of its destruction and the deep scars, often fresh, from its unimaginable levels of cruelty. But as horrible as the effects of its domination has been and continues to be (Crusades, Inquisitions, Fascism, Communism, Colonialism, Kleptocracy), its impact has for the most part been localized in specific regions. That is, until now, when under the harbingers of unabated Greed and blind Dogma, totalitarian domination has thrown a great portion of our population into full-fledged Anthropocentrism (the fallacy that we have a higher value than all other organisms in Nature and that Reality is to be assessed, exclusively, through human perspective). The consequences of this fallacy are already being felt all over the Earth.

As far as we know, the human being is the only creature conscious of its capacity to self-reflect – to look at its past, plan for the future, and imagine what has never been imagined. But Greed and Dogma have turned our capacity to self-reflect into a force of destruction with which we have, already irreversibly, altered the chemical balance of the environment that has allowed the unfolding of our evolution.

Greed and dogmatism, and those who allow their lives to be enslaved by them, are condemning our Civilization, as Nature realigns the equilibrium we have so thoughtlessly upset, to face our own decimation.

How will History judge those who, knowing the dire consequences of their irresponsibility, did not give a damn?

Revised December 2020   

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