159 – On God & Evil …

Whether male or female or both, since very early in our evolution, we have needed the concept of a deity to explain natural events that are unexplainable at the time (thunder, lightning, the motion of the sun and the moon across the sky, the creative and destructive power of Nature, the mystery of Life). But throughout the known portion of our history, this primal need has been used to assert the fallacy that the world was created to be good and predetermined by an omnipotent and omniscient deity.

But as we evolved, this fallacy came up against insurmountable challenges the likes of the destructiveness and cruelty of Nature as it generates life by killing other life, or the possession of Choice to make decisions, to change ourselves and our world.

To overcome the contradiction of cruelty, death, and choice in a world under the goodness and omnipotence of an all-powerful god, the devil was created: It was the devil, not god, who brought choice, cruelty, and death into the world.

It is understandable that somebody could believe this idiocy under the ignorance of medieval times, but today!!!

We are capable not only of discerning and reflecting upon the unending creativity and astonishing beauty of Nature but also of witnessing and oftentimes experiencing its horrendous destructiveness and cruelty. The duality of Nature is in plain sight: Nature is both creative and destructive – good and evil – not one or the other.

Just look at yourself: destroying other forms of life to create your own.

And so, the eternal need to know remains: What, Who creates the creative and destructive power of Nature?

Revised December 2020   

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