160 – What Makes Us So Blind? …

What makes us so blind that we cannot see we are making the wrong decisions: supporting constant conflict, creating scapegoats to sway judgment through fear and hate, building more and more powerful weapons of mass destruction, allowing educational systems to promote aggressive and irresponsible consumerism. These decisions and others alike drive us into a world consumed by hate, destruction,  aggression, and greed.

With immense curiosity, we have been able to discern the structure of the atom, the double helix of the DNA molecule, the simple economy of the periodic table, the shape of the galaxy we are embedded in. But we remain completely ignorant about why neurons induce a mind that comprehends itself and its world; or why is music such an immanent and expressive part of us; or why love can turn into a force that can make us incredibly happy and excruciatingly desolate; or how two cells, engendered by two different people, come together with the potential to create organisms able to compose the beautiful majesty of Beethoven’s Ninth, or to discern universal laws in Einstein’s e=mc2; or see Nature’s progression toward complexity in Darwin’s Evolution.

Creativity is one of our most beautiful characteristics, but instead of making us wiser, we have turned it into a distressing tool.

We have created a world where a great part of humanity is barely surviving; where children are abandoned to the elements because parents cannot provide shelter or food; where fear is manufactured and used to induce violence and war; where deceit, corruption, and oppression are used to create the horrendous levels of poverty and ignorance that annihilate the human spirit. We have created a world where there is so much cruelty, devastation, injustice, inequality, hate that our beauty is ever more and more difficult for us to see.

Why are we doing this? Why? Can we not see it is wrong?

What makes us so blind?


Revised December 2020   

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