164 – On the Universal Plan …

It is undeniable that our Universe unfolds upon the progression of a creative plan that allows for a degree of freedom in adaptation. The more we know about ourselves and the world in which we exist, the more obvious the freedom and creativity of this plan becomes.

Several scientific theories have discerned some of the fundamental properties underlying the plan’s creative progression that governs and incites with unbounded imagination the unfolding of our Universe – from primordial soup to globular and spiral galaxies, from atomic compounds to organic life, from primitive instinct to self-conscious intelligence. Some of these fundamental properties are self-organization, cohesion, self-generation, equilibrium, self-regulation, adaptation, transformation.

We are inextricably linked to the universal plan. Which is the reason why, from the moment of Becoming when cells from each of our parents bond into our progenitor cell, we follow the progression that organizes us with astonishing creativity into a cohesive, intelligent body that inherently knows how to adapt creatively to environments and transform not only itself but oftentimes the world in which it exists. Yet this creative plan is so routine, so familiar, that we take it for granted and, precisely because it is familiar, it remains unknown. [1]

Is it not inconceivable that we have been able to discern fundamental properties of our unfolding Universe, but know nothing about the universal plan that incites cells in our bodies not only to replicate and bond with evident intelligence and creativity, but to plan our unfolding?

[1] Hegel

Revised December 2020   

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