166 – To Mold the World and the Flow of Time …

In 1905, in Special Relativity, Einstein showed us that “the mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.” And in 1915, in General Relativity, he showed us that mass and energy mold the shape of space and the flow of time.

Thanks to these insights, we have a greater understanding of the laws that govern the physical world in which we exist. But because we insist on perpetuating the illusion that we, physical beings, are not part of this physical world, we continue to assert the fallacy that we are beyond its laws and that they do not apply to us. Therefore, we continue to believe we are a ‘special creation’ with the right to consume and destroy the natural world without taking responsibility for the consequences of our actions.

This disengagement from reality perpetuates the barbaric greed for control and power that is throwing the human species head-on into an unprecedented collision with the environment in which our lives depend.

This disengagement from reality leads humanity into constant conflict, migrations, deceit, overpopulation, gross inequality. And although there is a clamor for change – knowledge instead of ignorance, understanding instead of intolerance, love instead of hate, peace instead of war, our clamor is silenced swiftly and with astonishing cruelty by those whose greed it threatens.

This disengagement from reality cannot be overturned unless the entire scientific community accepts the fact that their theories pertain to us as elements of the physical world and integrate it into the curriculum of educational systems all over the world.

Relativity is one of the most profoundly misunderstood theories in all of science. We apply it to the atomic and astronomical worlds, but not to ourselves. And we do this knowing, without a hint of a doubt, that we are powerhouses of energy capable of molding the shape of space and the flow of time.

How else can we explain the undeniable fact that we gather the physical power to envision the future and mold our world from within?

Revised December 2020   

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2 Responses to “166 – To Mold the World and the Flow of Time …”

  1. Mundo says:

    Right on

  2. Barbara says:

    While you tend to be philosophical, this is potentially your most political statement.

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