167 – There Is a Reason …

“The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content”, and mass and energy mold the shape of space and the flow of time. These are the foundations of Relativity; the reason for our capacity, as physical bodies, to adapt to diverse environments and seek a relative degree of stability in our development.

Would we then ever ponder about the reason … because there is a reason … why our bodies instinctively know how to attain stability by balancing what is consumed (what we eat, absorb, inhale) with what is dissipated (the energy we exert as we act and move), so we can unfold in continuous stages of relative equilibrium?

And would we ever ponder about the reason why we instinctively possess the capacity to mold the shape of space and the flow of time, so we can change ourselves and our environments?

Even if current scientific ideology insists in claiming that we have come to be what we are by ‘chance’, it is impossible to deny the obvious Fact that, throughout our evolution and amid the trials of adaptation, we have persisted with unbending determination and relentless ingenuity to unfold into a level of complexity in which we are aware of our own awareness; this cannot happen by ‘chance’.

As neurons in the infant brain of a human being have evolved to pioneer the advent of conscious self-reflection, so we, as a species, have evolved to become pioneers in the advent of a higher dimension of conscious self-reflection … could this be Jung’s ‘collective unconscious’ becoming conscious of itself!

The movement of Nature towards self-awareness is self-evident because it is in us. Can we then ponder about the undeniable Fact that we are, as far as we know, the first in Nature aware of our own awareness, instead of inciting the hate and constant conflict threatening to destroy what has taken Nature eons to achieve?

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