168 – Soul/Spirit, Mind …

Even though they are essential to our being, we do not know much about what Soul/Spirit and Mind are. Thus we remain mostly ignorant about the essence of what we are.

We, human beings, come into existence upon the bonding of two cells imprinted with the fundamental systems needed to build a cohesive, functional, self-generating organism (skeleton, nervous, circulatory, gastro-intestinal, reproductive, immune, endocrine, sensory, etc., etc.).

Our mind, the commanding center, is the result of the activity of all the organic systems and is relatively pre-wired for language, voice recognition, development of sensory input, etc., etc. But since our intercourse with our internal and external environments is based on the unique impression of our sensory experiences, our mind is personalized with neuronal connections and patterns of perception that give us the sense of being alive and in control of our bodies and our actions, but also the illusory sense of separation from the world. Our intercourse with that sense of being alive, whether conscious or subconscious, is what our minds experience as the ‘Self’, the ‘Ego’, the ‘I’.

The Spirit/Soul that envelops the ‘I’, and with which the ‘I’ interacts, is the Universal Force of Life every living creature carries within as the innate urge to become, to bond, to self-generate, to adapt, to self-perpetuate, to transform ourselves and our world; this Force is timeless, primal, immensurable, yet undeniably present in our every action.

THESE ARE ESSENTIAL ASPECTS OF OUR NATURE, and yet the physical sciences stubbornly discount them because of the impossibility of reducing them to equations.

Therefore, we can build computers with greater calculating capacity than our brains; or build instruments that can explore interplanetary space and send back information about other worlds; or manipulate the structure and functioning of our genetic material to extend life and fight disease; or build weapons of mass destruction with the power to wipe us off the face of the earth. And yet – and yet – we remain ignorant about the essence of what makes us human: The self-evident fact that the soul/spirit in us, has brought us across the ages to a step in our evolution where we have developed a mind able to imagine, to wonder, and be aware that we do.

Isn’t this astonishing?

Revised December 2020   

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