171 – The Human Condition …

The overall behavior and perceptive capacity of homo sapiens, the sum total of the human race, are controlled in manifold degrees by a set of paradigms or belief systems that limit our ability to comprehend that we are on a self-destructive downward spiral.

Socio-political paradigms in which Intolerance, Division, and Conflict rule the decision-making of those who determine our destiny.

Economic paradigms in which Greed and Aggression are the fundamental forces driving the consumption and production of resources in the industrialized world.

Scientific paradigms in which the physical sciences shy away from the systematic inquiry on phenomena like our capacities to wonder or adjust primal emotions because these essential elements of our existence can neither be measured nor reduced to equations.

Learning paradigms – the most damaging of all – in which the overriding agendas of our dominant education systems are the standardization of human nature and the promotion of corporate hegemony.

Belief systems in which our darker characteristics – intolerance, cruelty, revenge, misogyny, hate – are anthropomorphized into idols or deities to vindicate our behavior.

It is obvious that under the dominance of these paradigms, we are inciting greed, irrationality, and conflict consuming and destroying natural resources faster than the environment can replenish them but are also altering the planet’s chemical equilibrium.

Although these paradigms were initially developed in our struggle to survive amid challenging environments, they should have been overcome long ago as we began to realize their destructive potential. Therefore, to perpetuate them instead, oftentimes with horrendous cruelty, is not only unforgivable but the cause of our self-destructive downward spiral.

There are no easy solutions for the state of the human condition, and although turning it around is a monumental task, it is our survival.

Revised January 2021

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