172 – The most beautiful Universal Pattern we cannot yet perceive …

Human beings can perceive many universal patterns … the periodic table of the atomic elements, the preference of galaxies for spiral and globular shapes, the double helix of the DNA molecule, the Fibonacci sequence, e=mc2 … but we cannot perceive the Universal Pattern I believe is the most beautiful of all … not yet.

Although in plain sight, the pattern of a universal blueprint that creates order and induces a movement towards greater and greater complexity remains beyond our powers of perception. And to think that all we need to perceive it, is to look at the similarities between our own Becoming and that of everything else in our Universe.

If we look for similarities between an atom, a cell, an animal, a tree, a planetary system, a galaxy, you and I, we can see that upon genesis, as we become supple manifestations of existence, we all follow the same fundamental sequence of events: We organize, generate, bond components into a cohesive body/system capable of sensing, responding and adapting with a degree of flexibility to the changes in our internal and external environments. As we encounter and surmount challenges, this flexibility is the key to survival and the catalyst for our transformation into greater complexity.

Becoming through Self-organization, Self-generation, Bonding, Adaptation, Self-perpetuation, Transformation, comprises the pattern of a Universal Order that ensures the progression of the creative process of Evolution toward the levels of complexity we see in ourselves and in our Universe.

And when we are able to perceive this pattern, we will not only perceive the beauty and magnificence of a higher symmetry, but we will also see how it connects us all.

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