175 – An Inescapable Conclusion …

Some of our physical properties, although incomprehensible to most of us, are self-evident.

How, for instance, we produce cells that know how to advance the astonishing process of creating an organism able to reflect upon itself,

or encode molecules with the pre-determined yet supple line of ascent of the entire species in a double helix,

or bring together billions, trillions of minute elements into an organism that can adapt to a changing world,

or thrive in a body that simultaneously regulates itself and is regulated by its environment.

or be utterly unique (no other in the entire Universe with my exact composition) and simultaneously be a common member of a species,

or be controlled by primal instincts that determine our development and ultimate disintegration while liberated by a degree of freedom in adaptation,

or imprint every cell we create in our bodies with our specific characteristics – eye color, skin pigment, blood type, bone density – so we can manifest them for life.

Although these properties may be difficult to comprehend, that they are self-evident lead us to an inescapable conclusion: As there is a physical connection between our every cell and us, the organism that creates them with a relative degree of freedom in adaptation, so there is a physical connection between every one of us and the organism/system/Universe that creates us with a relative degree of freedom in adaptation.

The impact on Humanity of incorporating into our understanding of reality the inescapable conclusion of our physical connection with our Universe   will be liberating.

Revised January 2021   

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