177 – The Universal Language …

Upon genesis, everything in Nature is infused with the universal process of Becoming: self-organization, bonding, self-generation, adaptation, self-regulation, self-perpetuation, and a degree of freedom in transformation. This process is written in the ovum and the sperm, and from the moment they become One, the Self that becomes ‘I’ is infused.

Knowing what everybody else has innately known before me, I create the language through which I instruct every cell I engender with the common makeup of the human species; the same language is used by my cells to recreate the uniqueness of what ‘I’ am until the day I die. This language, this intimate conversation between what I create and what creates me, is the most important thing there is; my life depends on it.

This language, this conversation, is how my body unfolds and creates my mind; is how species evolve; is how solar systems form and bind together; is how spiral galaxies keep myriad stars spinning in a synchronized dance within their arms; is how billions of galaxies and all their contents create a Universe that engenders me, unique, yet like everything else.

Revised January 2021   

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