18 – Relativity [E=mc2] and us …

The beauty and significance of Einstein’s E=mc2 have not been generally grasped by the non-mathematical mind mainly because the equation does not give us a frame of reference. Einstein saw the innate drive for equilibrium in Nature, and with his famous equation he quantified it: “The mass of a body is equivalent to its energy content.” But we don’t know whose body he was talking about.

There is no refuting the facts that 1- all things in Nature – what we can see and what we cannot … molecules, cells, bone structure, trees, us, metals, gases,  mountains, planets, suns, etc., etc. – are made out of congregations of atoms, and 2- that in order to survive as a unit these congregations of atoms … the systems, the structures, the bodies … must find a way to sustain a constant equivalence between their energy and mass contents.

WE experience this constant demand for equivalence between the energy and the mass of our bodies – mostly instinctively yet oftentimes full of self-determination –when WE for instance know it is time to re-charge, and so WE rest or consume energy sources from the environment, and then WE transform energy into motion or into the generation of new cells or into the fuel that supports our tomorrows, yet WE continuously manage to keep our bodies in equilibrium … day after day … through the ups and downs of our activity and our struggles and our development.

Thus the question begs to be asked: Where are WE in (e=mc2)  where is the commanding element who knows how to interchange fundamental forces and keep them in equilibrium? Wouldn’t it be more realistic to express it as (System [e=mc2]) so what encapsulates fundamental forces and knows how to keep them in balance is included?

So whether it is a cell or a human being or a planetary system or an entire universe, in order to understand its essence we must include the commanding element that binds natural forces and directs them to organize temporarily into continuous yet pliable forms of equilibrium.

But although having a frame of reference will help us get a better sense of the equation, the greatest obstacle to a worldwide acceptance is our unfounded fear to integrate into our minds the irrefutable fact that we are not the believe-the-absurd-and-I’ll-give-you-an-imagined-heaven blind followers of religious dogma, nor the consume-till-you-drop gullible puppets of unsustainable economic doctrines, nor the go-kill-for-my-greed-and-I’ll-give-you-a-medal brainless pawns of destructive political ideologies, but an immensely powerful and self-generating and self-perpetuating and self-reflective congregation of atoms, who as a unit master natural forces and keep them in constant yet fluctuating states of equilibrium while creating desire and motion and the enlightenment that comes with knowing.

Thus it is disturbing to realize that instead of giving us moral direction to find the knowledge of the power contained within us, Science consents without an outcry to something as horrible as the sparing of Hiroshima from conventional bombing so it could serve as a pristine target for a monstrous experiment, or to something as harmful as the condoning of contraceptives by a head of church knowing full well the destructive impact of over-population on our planet, or to something as vile as the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people for no other reason than to satisfy the utter arrogance and ignorance and greed of a head of state.

Although for thousands of years Science has been a fountain of sanity, it has allowed its moral authority to be compromised by losing its soul to weaponry and bigotry, and thus it now stands silenced to decry torture and the imposition of ignorance and irrationality by world leaders lacking a vision for Humanity other than ‘progress’ through the destruction of the world that gives us life.

The power of Einstein’s vision is apparent in the amazing capacity of our solar system to sustain a favorable equilibrium for eons of time so a planet like ours can bring self-awareness into life, or in as beautiful an act as a baby’s attempt to stand alone trying to find the internal equilibrium to empower unimaginable possibilities. Yet knowledge like this is overruled by irrationality and intolerance.

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