180 – My Life Meanders between Opposing Complements of Existence

Right <>  Wrong

Temporary <>  Lasting

Supple <>  Rigid

Free <>  Dependent

Creative <>  Destructive

Knowledge <>   Ignorance

Tolerance <>  Prejudice

Dynamic <>  Passive

Organized <>  Chaotic

Self-determined <>  Pre-determined

Conscious <>  Instinctive

Open  <>  Closed

Love  <>  Hate

Courage <> Fear

Happiness  <>  Terror

Compassion  <>   Cruelty

Feminine  <>  Masculine

Health  <>  Illness

Pleasure  <>  Pain

Truth  <>  Deceit

Light  <>  Darkness

Life  <>  Death

Etc., etc.

My Life flows like a river meandering between opposing yet complementary facets of existence as I choose, oftentimes consciously but mostly by instinct, which side to lean towards or move away from. There are times when I measure which side is strongest, which one weaker, which side can change my life, which one just a day. There are times when a side has the power to overtake me, prejudice, for instance, instead of tolerance, and times when I have the power to overtake them, courage, for instance, instead of fear. There are times when moving towards a side makes me feel ugly and scared while moving towards the opposite side makes me feel beautiful and happy.

It is uncanny and utterly fascinating to be able to look back into my past and recollect and examine the decisions I made and those that were made for me; remembering how sometimes the push and pull of opposing sides led me into corners and sometimes into open doors.

My capacity to examine events that shape my Life and the strength of the forces behind those events led me to delve into the world of the primal instincts that urge me to survive, to bond, to engender, to learn, to love, as well as the world of the spirit that endows me with the power to manipulate those urges and the wisdom to know when to let them conquer me. This capacity makes me realize what a wondrous creature I am; it gives me insight into the ingenious forces that created me from the bond of miniscule cells that already knew how to meander between the opposing complements of existence     and choose.

Revised January 2021   

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