181– What do I really Love?

I love humankind. I love the incredible beauty, complexity, dexterity, ingenuity of the human being. I love our boundless capacity for love, for tenderness, for compassion, for imagining the unimaginable and, oftentimes, making it real. I love our ability to see patterns in Nature, to feel awe in the presence of beauty, and create beauty as never heard or seen before. I love what we can do with our own bodies, shaping them, making them stronger, healthier, pushing them into challenging environments, making love with them, slowly, not just to impregnate like most animals, but to feel pleasure and give pleasure. I love the fact that we are born out of the bonding of two cells from we inherited the gift of language, the urge to survive, the want for learning, the need for love, the curiosity to look at ourselves and wonder about our destiny.

Yet I cringe at our capacity to reach the most atrocious levels of cruelty, intolerance, hate, deceit, destruction; our capacity to kill our own, not for sustenance like most animals, but out of hate, barbarism, greed, envy, and, oftentimes, killing our own in the hundreds and thousands without remorse but pride in the repugnance of our actions. I cringe at the capacity of the human being to use fear and deceit to incite the destruction of other cultures and beliefs for the sole purpose of appeasing our fears.

I do believe that human beings are born with certain inherited capacities –  language, curiosity, love. But no one, absolutely no one is born with the capacity to be hateful, destructive, cruel; these capacities are incited through continued and premeditated oppression, brutality, torture, abuse, ridicule, humiliation, which can be most damaging and lasting when imparted during the vulnerable and impressionable formative years of early childhood.

Yet I marvel at exceptional human beings who go through unbearable emotional and physical experiences and manage to muster the courage to turn themselves instead into creators of incredible forms of beauty: Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Milton’s Paradise Lost. These individuals, to name a few, have shown us that great beauty can sometimes be the result of great pain.

There is no escape from the fact that modern human beings are a consequence of a primordial evolutionary process, a consequence of an ascending universal force that has brought into Life the miracle of conscious self-reflection. We are the recipients of this miracle. And so, I believe that humankind’s destiny is not to incite hate and oppression but to propagate and deepen the knowledge of the incredible beauty of what we have come to be, what we have come to possess.

Believing in this is what I love.

Revised January 2021   

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