187 – There is an Order within Me …

Out of trillions of cells that make up my mature body, about 96 million die every hour … every hour … and every hour, my body creates another 96 million to take their place. This self-balancing feat preserves the number of cells I need to be a functional and self-determined human being.

This precise dance between death and renewal happens without my awareness, yet it is what keeps me alive.

My body is made of many types of cells; each type is highly specialized in what it is to do and how it is to do it.

Although I am learned enough to know how Earth’s evolutionary processes have taken eons of time to bring us to be what we are today, I cannot fathom how trillions of cells can generate an intellect capable of understanding our evolutionary process yet cannot sense the amazing processes going on inside its own body.

Some of my cells are replaced quite often, while others can last my entire lifetime; most cells follow instructions while others have the capacity to choose. This level of rigidity and suppleness builds and renews the complex structure of my body; for instance, it is how my temperature and heartbeat adjust to the changes not only inside of me but also around me.

Without being aware, I imprint every cell I engender with a unique set of features … the color of my eyes, the type of my blood, the pigment of my skin, the density of my bones, the traits of my temperament … which makes me unique amid billions like me, each one with their unique set of features and levels of rigidity and suppleness.

There is an Order within me, self-evident, measurable, yet it remains beyond the awareness of my senses. Perhaps this level of awareness is the next wrung up in our evolutionary ladder: To be aware, to sense the Order within us. We are made for that.

Revised January 2021   

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