192 – What is it about us? …

It is very easy to recognize that we are highly ingenious, adaptable, resourceful, intelligent, aware of our own awareness. With ingenuity we extend our imagination by creating instruments that allow us to see the microscopic and macroscopic components of our Universe; with our adaptability, we populate every inhabitable niche on the surface of the planet; with our resourcefulness and intelligence we transform natural materials to speed up time travel, extend our life-span, create world-wide webs of communications; with the awareness of our own awareness, we realize our power to transform ourselves and our world.

But somehow, although the signs are self-evident and menacing, we cannot accept the fact that our exponential growth and voracious consumerism are driving the species into an unprecedented and violent confrontation with the atmosphere in which our lives and those of myriad organisms depend. The visionless and destructive role our species play in the planet has driven us to become like a ravenous and unstoppable virus that overwhelms the organism that gives us nourishment.

In a state in which we can witness without trepidation an unfolding environmental crisis of our own making, it is about impossible for us to see the beauty of a Universe that over eons of time has created a niche for Life to begin to grow aware of itself. We inhabit that niche. And we are breaking its equilibrium.

Centuries ago, even if it was contrary to the perception of our organic senses, the incorporation into our understanding of the reality of the fact that it is our planet that orbits the Sun and not the other way around catapulted us to a more accurate vision of our Universe. In a similar way, the incorporation of the fact, even if it is contrary to the perception of our organic senses, that since we are basically made out of atoms and atoms are pockets of energy, we are mostly energy. We absorb energy from the environment and convert it into the power of transformative forces. That is how we develop and empower our bodies. That is how we fuel our daily activity. That is how we pump our hearts and energize every single component in our organisms. That is how our ideas can change minds and start movements that become forces in the world. That is how we can move multitudes with our convictions. That is how we give boundless flight to our imagination.

Energy fills us and radiates from us. This is evident in our experience of magnetism, as when we focus our energy on a person and make that person feel us and look at us.

What is it about us that with our highly developed ingenuity, intelligence, and conscious self-awareness, we seem unable to accept the self-evident fact that the energy we radiate, the energy that gives us the unequivocal power to transform ourselves and our world, is the same energy that in our exponential growth and wasteful consumerism is inflicting damage on our source of Life, and yet, it is the same energy that, if we focus our energy on the recognition of our interdependence with the beauty and fragility of the planet in which we have attained conscious self-awareness, it will change the course of our evolution?

Revised February 2021   

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2 Responses to “192 – What is it about us? …”

  1. Mundo says:

    Excellent metaphor. I hadn’t thought about it that way. Thank you

  2. Suzanne Weilepp says:

    Energy is a pendulum. This may explain why we are self-destructing, even with our awareness and capability to transform. Since energy is constant, and it is either progressing or digressing, we must, by the very nature of physics, be doing one or the other. Right now, we are on a downward projection, which, if not reversed soon, will end everything. My optimism is that our energy pendulum will swing the other way- I think we’ve reached the tipping point, so there is only one way to go (unless we have reached the point of no return- I can’t say.) But because energy is motion, we will not stay in this destructive mode forever.

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