196 – I am a Presence in the Universe

I am a presence in the Universe,

A catalyst for transformation.


Aware of my own awareness

I know where I must go.

And tracing the making of my destiny

I set my mind free.


Revised February 2021   

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3 Responses to “196 – I am a Presence in the Universe”

  1. Mundo says:

    Kirk, you captured beautifully the essence of my May 1st post. Thank you.
    You mentioned as the third point on the PBS documentary, that as we get closer communities we will come up with better ideas on how to live together. I agree with that. But the reality is otherwise, as is the case in the majority of nations on the planet. We seem to be pulling apart instead.
    There are two very powerful forces impeding such an achievement: Greed and intolerance.
    Intolerance paired with an insatiable greed for power and accumulation of wealth are, to me, the culprits for humankind sad state of affairs; they have taken us into atrocious levels of irrationality and cruelty.
    The nagging question for me is How on earth we, as a species, became so overtaken by greed? There is no other animal we know of on earth as greedy as we are.
    I theorize that our greediness began to take an iron grip on human nature during the agricultural revolution. As groups of nomadic hunters, we killed according to our immediate needs. But once agriculture allowed us to settle down and store goods, the more powerful individuals vied for the control of supplies. And as they gained it, they wanted more and more power. This was passed onto successive generations and, sadly, it has become dominant in the corridors of power and wealth. Greediness was always destructive, but because of relatively small populations, there was not a noticeable impact on the environment. That has changed dramatically, as you well know, with our exponential growth. What to do about such an overpowering condition is something we can discuss later.

  2. Mundo says:

    Kirk, thank you for your comment. I will be responding soon.

  3. kirk willard says:

    Comments (2)
    1 — First your photos of the trip were great. Very detailed and very clear.
    Many familiar yet different. Thanks

    2 — Your May nugget of thought was great — a great reminder of a challenge that we all have and the opportunity therewith.
    On your broader thoughts on this life and our drives to conquer all, they are very thought provoking. Yesterday I watched PBS item “Civilization” which is a parallel view of the development of human communities (past ten thousand yrs) with much emphasis on the development of grains and farming as you emphasize. They then described the co-development of set communities, land ownership, and inequality. Their last point differed from yours in that they keep thinking that as we gain closer communities we gain better ideas of how to live together. Evidently their persuasion is that our combined thought will become better for living.
    We also know that many countries and communities have dictators now in 2018 and such people plan to keep their places in the sun so to speak.
    I noted that you were impressed with how self serving the Catholic Church became and to some degree continues. Well I feel the power and control mode is certainly strong widely spread on this planet. The Islamist determination to replace any democracy with sharia law continues now just as 1300 years ago too.
    There is a concept of empathy that extends to other animals and other humans that is vibrant in some quarters. This morning I noticed that my daughter (who with her family also lives with me) had the book “Non Violent Communications” on a side desk. It may have been mine from decades ago or new – we have not discussed recently but that concept somewhat parallels your concerns and suggested a way to learn to not judge or criticize other if we wish to communicate with them. Somewhat related to the Toltec Four Agreements yet quite different in output.
    Thanks and keep our discussion going. — Kirk

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