197 – Self-Reflection is Innate in Nature …

Why is it so difficult for our minds to assimilate into our understanding of reality the fact that self-reflection is innate in Nature? How else can any living, evolving thing can attain on its own power a degree of stability, cohesion, equilibrium, form, if it is not by reflecting upon itself?

Whether instinctive or volitional, nothing can exist and evolve with a sense of direction without a degree of self-reflection.

Think about a tree. To grow on its own power into a cohesive and functional living organism, a tree must balance on a continuous basis its intake of energy sources from the environment with the energy it exerts to grow into a relatively pre-determined structure. A tree cannot do this … measuring input to be equivalent to output as it grows into a pre-determined form amid changing environments … without a degree of self-reflection.

Think about our solar system. To develop on its own power into a cohesive, dynamic, yet relatively stable system, our solar system must constantly balance its force of attraction with its force of resistance. This continuous equilibrium … one always a measure of the other … is not possible without a degree of self-reflection. The system would collapse or dissipate into space otherwise.

Think about ourselves. To develop on our own power into a cohesive, dynamic, yet relatively stable organism, we must constantly balance our intake of energy sources with our output of activity … one a measure of the other … as we develop into a relatively pre-determined structure amid the constraints of our environment. Although this self-reflective process is mostly instinctive, we cannot exist without it.

Any two forces, elements, or quantities that develop as a unit, cannot be in equilibrium … one always measuring the other … without a degree of self-reflection.

Yet in us, the human animal, this process has evolved to become conscious of its own awareness. As far as we know, we are the only creature in Nature conscious of the capacity to reflect upon ourselves and our world.

Although significant, this level of self-reflection is but a small step up on the ladder of our ongoing evolutionary development.

So how, I wonder, would we be like when, and if, we evolve into higher degrees of conscious self-reflection than the germinal we possess today? Would we be able to perceive our connection with Nature through the fierce power of Life to self-generate, adapt, and survive? Or would we perhaps be able to reflect upon our genesis and trace the making of our destiny to evolve a mind … atom by atom, cell by cell, connection by connection … that perceives the Order that created it?

Self-reflection is innate in Nature.

Revised February 2021   

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