198 – What have we created? …

What have we created that when faced with of a society

where the future is a bleak promise of constant conflict, destruction, intolerance, hate, cruelty, division, irrationality, deceit, inequality;

where half the population struggles to make ends meet while the other half struggles not to notice, and there is no time left to hear the young cries of distress;

where opioids and weapons of war are abundant and easier to get than a six-pack of beer;

where suicide is the third leading cause of death in young people between the ages of 10 and 24; *

where prostituted educational systems brainwash young minds to believe that it is right to promote the deadly corporate agenda pillaging the earth, stealing their future, obliterating hope;

a society so accomplished and resourceful, so promising, yet so distraught by intolerance, by our terrifying silence about the ravages we cause, the pain we inflict, a visionless future, that a seventeen-year-old in Texas, a nineteen-year-old in Florida, a fifteen-year-old in Kentucky … to name just a few of the kids behind dozens of school shootings … can come, with horrific premeditation, to the decision that the only alternative is to kill as many people as possible?

 What have we created?

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*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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