198 – What have we created? …

What have we created that when faced with of a society where the future is a bleak promise of constant conflict, oppression, destruction, intolerance, hate, cruelty, division, irrationality, deceit, inequality;

where most of the population struggles to make ends meet while the rest, deaf to the cries of agony and distress, struggles not to hear;

where opioids and weapons of war are abundant and easier to get than a six-pack of beer;

where suicide is the third leading cause of death in people between the ages of 10 and 24; *

where prostituted to corporate mentality, educational systems brainwash young minds to believe that it is right to promote the deadly agenda pillaging the Earth, stealing their future, obliterating hope;

where an accomplished, resourceful, promising society, distraught by intolerance and the terrifying silence about the ravages we cause, inflicts such unbearable pain that the impressionable minds of a seventeen-year-old in Texas, a nineteen-year-old in Florida, a fifteen-year-old in Kentucky … to name just a few of the kids behind dozens of school shootings … can come with horrific premeditation to the decision to kill as many people as possible?

What have we created?

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Revised March 2021   

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2 Responses to “198 – What have we created? …”

  1. Mundo says:

    Kirk, thank you for your comment. I would like to respond by focusing on two of the key points you make 1 – the accumulation of wealth at the expense of others, and 2 – that we do it because is easy and pleasant.
    You are right. Although it is easier to attain for some more than for others, the accumulation of wealth gives us pleasure because it provides us with comforts, opportunities, a measure of power. It is natural to feel pleasure at having disposable money to do the things we like. The problem is that, in a world where human nature is dominated by greed, we don’t know when to stop – the more we accumulate, the more we want – and thus becomes destructive. It turns into a vicious circle that creates obscene levels of inequality at the expense of impoverishing further and further those without opportunities.
    It is admirable that you give others an opportunity they may not have otherwise.

  2. kirk willard says:

    You ask what have we created in our civilization of cleaver people who choose to accumulate at others expense. hmmmm

    I suspect that we might have stopped our “development” of mind and social processes in the early middle ages when leaders of that era wanted to just retain doing things as they had before except that they themselves wanted better things for themselves. Our Asian co-habitants kind of stumbled too while taking their armor off to pee or sex during the same period so to speak thus things developed very slowly there too. Yes things might have been slowed but we yet may have a catastrophic decrease in our population that will cause the residual individuals to change drastically.

    I personally wonder why I practice sharing my wealth. Most friends or acquaintances do not know that I do it and all I know is that those receiving say thanks and think that they use it well. Perhaps not. I cannot eat any more shrimp, don’t want to. I do not know what drivers cause me to show empathy so it probably is limited.

    So I guess that your question may be answered because it is easy and pleasant for us. Not something we are proud of but there must be some part of continuing the species or at lease good for our family and friends that drives us.

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