201 – Presence …

Although I don’t feel it, my body is constantly changing: Cells constantly die and are replaced by new ones that already know the functions of those they are replacing; my heart constantly pumps re-oxygenated blood to revitalize every niche in my body; my brain and nervous system constantly adjust to meet my emotional and physical changes.

These are but a few of the many amazing feats my body constantly accomplishes to keep me alive. But there is another one: A mysterious yet fundamental feat through which the myriad components of my body collectively generate a Presence, a Persona I project into the world.

And as astonishing about me this is, there is something even more astonishing: Of all the living species I know of, I, a representative of homo sapiens, have grown so self-conscious of my Presence in the world that I can trace it not only through my own personal history but through the history of the species. And yet, somehow, this degree of self-consciousness has made me incapable of taking responsibility for the impact my Presence makes on the world. Consequently, I am facing an environmental upheaval of unprecedented proportions.

Is it not astonishing? It has taken homo sapiens the grueling upheavals of a long evolutionary process for me to be conscious of my Presence in the world, but because I refuse to take responsibility for what my Presence does to the world, I might be wiped out without a trace from the face of the world.

Revised March 2021   

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2 Responses to “201 – Presence …”

  1. Mundo says:

    Kirk, I am in complete agreement with you on the fact that, since the majority of those making the decisions for humankind has not been able to fully accept the devastating consequences of our exponential population growth and greedy consumerism on the natural world, we will face the decimation of the species by catastrophic events. And the survivors, if there are any, will have to go through an epoch akin, or worse, to the dark ages after the fall of the Roman Empire. The hope for humankind is that, after the horrors of the dark ages, we woke up into the Renaissance.

  2. kirk says:

    MUNDO – Glad to read that you are back as the keyboard with insight and thought provoking Summer blog.
    On the July 15th input: yes we have insight to our impacts and if fires and floods do not cause one to stop and reflect it just shows the degree of self involvement we have adopted.
    There are really many people that have a sense of responsibility especially for the use of resources and distribution of wealth. while those individuals and groups have a small impact, I suppose that a full world-wide change will likely slowly evolve after a substantial change to the number of people here (on the planet) after many small (or large) tragedies.
    Reading and seeing the impact we are having on our oceans right now is transforming to anyone able to sit for a hour or two, watch and think. Yet it may take a continual reminder to people at a time of life that they comprehend what is happening, before any action is taken.

    Most people are in a camp of those intending to eat or dislodge diminishing numbers of animals (plants) within a species until we are down to the last one. I puzzle at that but I know we have exhibited that time and time again.

    I do not know if we are not taking responsibility for our actions due to being incapable as you write, or rather just being selfish. I think the latter. [Okay, some people likely don’t really grasp the impact of their actions — we have an expression for that — DUH!] Mostly I think people know but do not care!

    Have a fun day ahead – reflecting some and enjoying just who you are and where. 🙂

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